Oliver Reed

by follers on October 20, 2014

Birth Name: Robert Oliver Reed

Date of Birth: 13 February, 1938

Place of Birth: Surrey North Eastern, Surrey, England

Date of Death: 2 May, 1999

Place of Death: Valletta, Malta

Ethnicity: English, small amount of German, Lithuanian, and Dutch

Oliver Reed was a British actor. He was the only or one of the only major British film stars to have never appeared on stage.

Oliver was the son of Marcia (Napier-Andrews) and Peter Reed, a sports journalist. His uncle was director Carol Reed.

Oliver’s paternal grandfather was Sir Herbert Beerbohm Tree (an actor, born Herbert Draper Beerbohm, the son of Julius Ewald Edward Beerbohm and Constantia Draper). Hebert was a sibling of author/explorer Julius Beerbohm and author Constance Beerbohm, and a half-sibling of parodist and caricaturist Max Beerbohm. Julius was of Dutch, Lithuanian, and German descent, and was the son of Ernst Heinrich Beerbohm, who was born in Klaipėda, Lithuania, and of Henrietta Amalie Radke. Constantia was English, the daughter of William Draper and Eliza.

Oliver’s paternal grandmother was May Pinney Reed.

Oliver’s maternal grandfather was Lancelot Napier Andrews.

Source: Genealogy of Oliver Reed (focusing on his father’s side) – https://www.geni.com

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