Nona Gaye

by ethnic on May 5, 2010

Nona Gaye

Birth Name: Nona Marvisa Gaye

Place of Birth: Washington, D.C., U.S.

Date of Birth: September 4, 1974

Ethnicity: African-American

Nona Gaye was an American singer, model, and actress. She is the daughter of Janis (Hunter) and legendary soul singer, songwriter, and musician Marvin Gaye.

Nona’s paternal grandfather was Marvin Pentz Gay (the son of George Gay and Marnie/Mamie Mae Watkins). Marvin was born in Kentucky. George was the son of Strawden Gay and Rebecca Hardin or Susan Fuller. Marnie was the daughter of Dan/Daniel Watkins and Charlotte Smith.

Nona’s paternal grandmother was Alberta Williams Cooper (the daughter of Sam or John Cooper and Ruth or Lucy Smith). Alberta was born in North Carolina. Sam was the son of Sally Cooper.

Nona’s maternal grandparents were Slim Gaillard (born Bulee Gaillard), a jazz singer, songwriter, guitarist, pianist, and vibraphonist, and Barbara Hunter. Slim was born in Michigan.

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Adamina October 1, 2016 at 9:12 pm

Gaye is a popular surname in Senegal. I’m NOT saying she got her last name from there!!! Just wanted to share.
She is lovely!

Love Yourself November 9, 2010 at 6:07 pm

“You cannot help who you fall in love with….”
– Nona Marvisa Gaye (Esquire Magazine)

Anonymous September 18, 2010 at 12:34 pm

shes black. it said black stop trying to make her something else

Anonymous September 18, 2010 at 5:53 pm

Relax,her grand whoever having some white blood doesn’t stop her from being a black woman,which is clear to see.All it means is that they have that heritage.Same for white people,having black blood doesn’t change you,all it says is that you have that recent heritage.I don’t know why people trip out so much

total23 September 18, 2010 at 6:27 pm

If You Are The Anonymous That Has Been On This Site For A Long While, Please Get A New Name! So We Can Differ You From Other People Who Don’t Put A Name In The Name Section!

Fuzzybear September 18, 2010 at 6:37 pm

To total23

Relax you little hoodlum,Iol forgot to put my name on my comment at 5:53 pm

Anonymous May 30, 2010 at 3:57 pm

It said she was also mixed with Irish.

total23 May 17, 2010 at 11:45 am

Her Maternal Grandfather Was Bulee “Slim” Gaillard. His Ethnicity Is Unknown Because It Once Said That He Was Half Greek Half Afro-cuban. Then Other Sites Says He Was Half German Half African American. So I Guess It Safe Too Say That He Was Half White Half Black (Mulatto).

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