Nicole Richie

Birth Name: Nicole Camille Escovedo

Place of Birth: Berkeley, Alameda, California, United States

Date of Birth: September 21, 1981

Ethnicity: Mexican [Spanish, Indigenous], African-American, Louisiana Creole [French, African, and distant English], other European

Nicole Richie is an American socialite, television personality, fashion designer, author, and actress. She became famous starring in the reality show The Simple Life, alongside Paris Hilton. She is married to musician Joel Madden, with whom she has two children.

Nicole was adopted by singer Lionel Richie. Her sister is model Sofia Richie (who is Lionel’s biological daughter).

Nicole’s biological father, Peter Michael Escovedo, was a band member of Lionel Richie’s band, and is a percussionist and musical director. Escovedo is of Mexican (including Spanish and Indigenous) and Louisiana Creole (including French, African, and distant English, ancestry) descent, and is the brother of singer, drummer, and percussionist Sheila E. (Sheila Escovedo).

Nicole’s biological mother, Karen Moss, is said to have been a backstage assistant of the band. It is unclear what Karen’s ancestry is. Nicole still keeps in contact with her biological mother.

Nicole’s biological paternal grandfather is Pete Escovedo (Peter Michael Escovedo, the son of Pedro “Peter” Escovedo Barrera and Anita L. Valenzuela). Pete was born in California, and is a percussionist. Pedro was a Mexican immigrant, from Saltillo, Coahuila, and had Spanish and Indigenous Mexican ancestry. Pedro’s parents were Manuel Escovedo Rodríguez and María Hipólita Barreda Escobedo. Anita was also of Mexican origin.

Nicole’s biological paternal grandmother is Juanita Marie Garderé (the daughter of Nicholas Alphonse Garderé and Marie Laura Pelletier). Juanita was born in California. Nicholas and Marie were Lousiana Creoles (of French, African, and distant English, ancestry). Nicholas was the son of Ernest Alphonse Garderé and Louise Mary Leclerc. Marie was the daughter of Joseph Ernest Pelletier and Marie Laetar Laure Nabonne.

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Curious about ethnicity

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  1. LuckyL says:

    haha ethnic when I was 17 and moved into a black neighborhood. At school I still had white friends but at home all my friends were black. And, as I got older and moved down to Orange County, Ca, where it’s predominently white, I realized that I no longer felt very comfortable around white ppl. It was like a culture shock all over again. Maybe, comfortable isn’t a very good word, but I felt very black. Growing up I didn’t feel as black, I felt a little different but not to the extent that I do now. Even around my own white family, it feels weird. Like, I’m the only black person there ya know. But, idk I’m really obsessed with race relations so maybe they don’t see me as so black. But, “To not see race is to not see the consequences of race.” – Tim Wise from White Like Me. Maybe, that’s only here though..idk lol

  2. Athena says:

    Her biological father looks much more Hispanic than Black

  3. ethnic says:

    LuckyL about what age did you start feeling more connected with your Black heritage? im sure people can relate to your experience.


  4. LuckyL says:

    I take that back about her not probably not actually having any black in her. I didn’t know the Escovedo guy was part black… The rest yea I meant that shit!

  5. LuckyL says:

    Um I think everyone here misunderstood what Kimmie was saying. I was actually more offended by Red Diva’s comment which Kimmie only rebutted to. I’m half black myself, I grew up in an upper-middle class neighborhood. What Kimmie was saying is that red diva is ignorant for being mad that Nicole is who she is. She grew up around white ppl and is probably only hanging around what she knows. Isn’t that what we all do? I don’t hang around any white ppl anymore, because as I got older, I’ve felt more a part of the black community than the white community. Kimmie did not say that all black ppl were ghetto or speak bad. In fact she said the exact opposite. She was trying to get the point across to you feeble-minded ppl that you don’t have to be ghetto to be black!!! Did you guys get past 1st grade reading comprehension. And oh yea, I’ve seen Nicole claim her black side, (of which she prolly actually has none of) so I really do get what Kimmie is saying.


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