Natalie Denise Sperl

Place of Birth: New Ulm, Brown, Minnesota, United States

Date of Birth: June 20, 1976

*German, English, distant Danish and Dutch (father)
*Polish, some German (mother)

Natalie Denise Sperl is an American film and television actress, and model.

Natalie is the daughter of Arlene and Dennis Sperl.

Natalie’s paternal grandfather was Russel E. Sperl (the son of George J. Sperl and Minnie Frances Outhoudt). Russel was born in Minnesota. George was born in Minnesota, the son of Anton Sperl, who was born in Germany, and of Catherine Eckstein, who was from Bohemia. Minnie was born in Minnesota, the daughter of John Daniel Outhoudt/Oothoudt and Elizabeth Jane Youngs, whose parents were English.

Natalie’s paternal grandmother was Dorothy Marie Sievert (the daughter of Albert P. Sievert and Alma Grosklags). Dorothy was born in Minnesota. Albert was born in Minnesota, to German parents, Henry Christian Frederich Sievert and Maria Fredreika Quandt. Alma was born in Minnesota, the daughter of Charles Grosklags, who was German, and of Mary Draeger.

Natalie’s maternal grandfather was Joseph Barney Kurkowski (the son of Frank Kurkowski/Kurkouski and Frances Rudnick/Rudnik). Joseph was born in South Dakota. Frank was born in either Germany or Poland, the son of Paul Kurkowski and Rosalie. Frances was born in Wisconsin, to parents from Poland.

Natalie’s maternal grandmother was Irene Anna Wojcik (the daughter of Leo Joseph Wojcik and Anna Barbara Schultz). Irene was born in South Dakota. Leo was born in Wisconsin, to parents from Poland. Natalie’s great-grandmother Anna was born in South Dakota, to parents from either Germany or Poland.

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