Naomie Harris

Naomie Harris

Birth Name: Naomie Melanie Harris

Place of Birth: Islington, London, England, U.K.

Date of Birth: September 6, 1976

Ethnicity: African-Jamaican, African-Trinidadian

Naomie Harris is a British actress. Her father is Trinidadian (Afro-Trinidadian) and her mother is Jamaican (Afro-Jamaican). Her mother wrote for the soap opera EastEnders.

She has said:

…My mum’s from Jamaica, my dad’s from Trinidad; they both moved here when very young. My mum’s now a writer and my dad’s a fashion designer.

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8 Replies to “Naomie Harris”

  1. Naomie looks very different these days. If you look at photos and interview footage of her during her “28 Days Later” and “Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest” days, she looked very different. Her skin was darker and her nose was DEFINITELY wider. She had a truly Negroid nose. At certain movie premieres and appearances, she now looks much lighter skinned and she probably has had at least one nose job. This is not a result of lighting, camera flashes and makeup. Old footage of her from around 1990 onward will prove that she looks very different.

    Gabrielle Union has changed similarly. The only difference is that Gabrielle Union had a wide nose (almost no nose bridge), but still, a nose, smaller than Naomie’s to begin with. Gabrielle’s nose job is not as drastic and she lightened her skin less than Naomie.
    The model Jessica White is also another example. She has naturally pretty eyes but her nose and skin color are now completely different from many years ago- she used to be very dark and she had a very big nose.
    Also, take away the weaves, wigs, extensions, chemical hair processing, hair coloring, etc. and these actresses will look VERY different.
    I have to say though that Naomie Harris is an intelligent woman.
    She’s well educated.
    However, I remember how she looked in the 1990’s. She was not beautiful; she was just a plain-looking woman.
    Go to, search for Alicia Keys and look at her photos. The most interesting is the black and white childhood photo. Her nose was HUGE and wide.
    Beauty is natural people! There are so many NATURAL beauties in the world that only need a touch of adornment and makeup. Instead, society puts these fake celebrities of all different Races on pedestals.

  2. Why do people try to avoid the black race? ooh why? whereis the world going to? people are not proud of thie herritage. now iread that seal is half African Nigerian and Half South American from Brazil?? ooh God, go to his native home land in Lagos and youll see his mother there, ps she’s fully black african. No signs of Brazil in her, she probably even doesnt know that country exisits

    1. @Betty boo, Afro Jamaican, Afro Trinidadian, Afro-American= BLACK. She s black but parents are from Jamaica and Trinidad. Not all blacks come from Africa these days.

  3. Jamaican is not ethnicity. Its where you’re from. As part jamaican I find this offensive. There are chinese jamaicans, caucasian jamaicans, spanish jamaicans. So please get this fixed.

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