Nancy Ajram

Birth Name:Nancy Nabil Ajram

Place of Birth:Beirut,Lebanon

Date of Birth:1983

Eye Color:green/blue

Hair Type/Colordark brown

Ethnicity: Arab-Palenstinian and Lebanese

Family info:she was born to Arab parents and is a big singer for the Arabic world she is half Lebanese half Palestinian.



I am Arabic from Lebanon/Palestine basically same country u can also say Dubai xDDD I love shakira and salma hayek (there both Arabic) kim kardashian is cool and her sisters r 2 and there middle eastern xDDD ya any questions leave coments for meh.:)

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  1. adoon12 says:

    Lebanese people are arabs Palestine and Lebanon are considerd the same country

  2. davidcathers says:

    Arabic is a language, not an ethnicity. She would be Arab-Palenstinian and Lebanese. Please change this.

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