Missy Peregrym

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Birth Name: Melissa Peregrym

Place of Birth: Montréal, Québec, Canada

Date of Birth: June 16, 1982

Ethnicity: Rusyn, English, Scottish, French-Canadian

Missy Peregrym is a Canadian actress and model.

She is the daughter of Vanessa (Paradis) and Darrell Peregrym.

Missy’s paternal grandfather is Steve Peregrym (the son of Semen/Samuel Peregrym and Maria Papach). Semen was a minister who practiced Ukrainian Pentecostalism. Semen and Maria were from Małopolska, Poland, and were likely of Rusyn ethnicity. Semen was the son of Wasyl Peregrym.

Missy’s paternal grandmother is Joan Ashton (the daughter of Clayton William Francis Ashton and Katherine Christina Macnab). Clayton was the son of Duncan Alexander Ashton, whose father was English, and of Mary Walter, whose parents were English. Katherine was the daughter of Gordon Alexander MacNab and Katherine Annie Morrison.

Sources: Genealogies of Missy Peregrym (focusing on her father’s side) – http://gw.geneanet.org

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  1. neiltennant says:

    SHE looks hispanic
    like from honduras or from brazil

    she looks like hillary swank

  2. lelo4 says:

    Maybe her ‘Polish’ ancestors were Jewish and not ethnic Poles? That would explain her dark looks.

  3. andrew says:

    Family tree: http://gw.geneanet.org/tdowling?lang=en&p=melissa&n=peregrym&type=tree

    I believe she is part French-Canadian on her mother’s side

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