Milan Piqué

Birth Name: Milan Piqué Mebarak

Place of Birth: Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain

Date of Birth: January 22, 2013

*father – Catalan
*mother – one half Lebanese, one half Colombian, including Spanish [Castilian, Andalusian, Aragonese, Cantabrian], Indigenous, African, Catalan, Basque, Galician, and Italian/Sicilian

Milan Piqué is a Spanish child. He is the son of Colombian singer Shakira and Catalan professional footballer Gerard Piqué. He has a younger brother, Sasha Piqué.

Milan’s paternal grandfather is Joan Piqué Rovira (the son of parents who have the surnames Piqué and Rovira/Rovina).

Milan’s paternal grandmother is Montserrat Bernabeu Guitart (the daughter of Amador Bernabéu Bosch and Mària Montserrat Guitart i Calafell). Amador was the son of a father surnamed Bernabéu and Paquita Bosch. Milan’s great-grandmother Montserrat was the daughter of Pere Guitart i Poblet and Montserrat Calafell i Solé.

Milan’s maternal grandfather is William Alberto Mebarak Chadid (the son of Alberto Mebarak Spath and Isabel Chadid Baizer). William was born in New York City, New York, U.S. Milan’s great-grandfather Alberto was born in Cartagena, Bolívar Dept, Colombia, to Lebanese immigrants, Moisés Isaac Mebarak and Labibe Spath S., from Beirut and Zahlé, respectively. Isabel was born in Sincelejo, Sucre Dept, Colombia, to Lebanese parents, Pedro Chadid Raide and Rosa Baizer Gandur. Pedro moved to Colombia in 1895.

Milan’s maternal grandmother is Nidia del Carmen Ripoll Torrado (the daughter of Tomás Eduardo Ripoll Jiménez and Josefina Torrado Núñez). Nidia is Colombian, born in Arenosa, Colombia. Nidia’s ancestry Spanish [Castilian, Andalusian, Aragonese, Cantabrian], Indigenous, African, Catalan, Basque, Galician, and Italian/Sicilian. Tomás was the son of Cristóbal Ripoll Carrasquilla and Elena Leocadia Jiménez. Josefina was the daughter of Adriano Natividad Torrado Verjel and Mercedes Núñez.

Milan’s mother is a third cousin once removed of Internet personality Manolo González.

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    • andrew says:

      You didn’t complain when North West was submitted.

      • follers says:

        I should have, although North West is the most famous of the bunch.

        • andrew says:

          Shakira-Pique are more famous (as a couple and individually) worldwide than West-Kardashian. Consider that Piqué plays for the best team on Earth and football is extremely popular in every corner of the world at any latitude.

          • follers says:


          • fuzzybear44 says:

            @ Andrew

            I know this is nothing new, but I’m going to have to disagree with you. The West-Kardashian combo is more well known. I didn’t even know Shakira was married. Also unless you follow soccer(football), which isn’t that popular here in the states, you probably wouldn’t know who Gerard Piqué was, which I didn’t. However both Kanye and Kim are known worldwide

          • andrew says:

            The West-Kardashian combo is more well known. Yes, in North America and in some trashy British trabloids. Not in the rest of the world. Basically anybody in any African or Asian slum can recognize Piqué due to the popularity of football (FIFA has more members than UN), and Shakira has sold more records than Kanye West.

          • andrew says:

            Most women don’t care about football and find it boring, even where it’s well developed. I already heard that point of view (low scoring=boring game), maybe that’s why Americans don’t like football. As Europeans don’t understand American football (with all those stoppages it’s very hard to watch).

          • fuzzybear44 says:

            Some trashy British tabloids? Come on now give Kim some credit, she knows how to promote herself, and she’s known world wide. I can’t say the same for Gerard. He may be big in Africa and Europe, and maybe in Latin America, but here you probably couldn’t find but a small percentage of the population who knows him. However I’m pretty sure you could walk up to someone in Europe and asks who kim is, and they would know(probably different places in Africa and Latin America to). Also, you confuse album sales with being well known. Hip hop is everywhere, I don’t think there is a place on this planet where it isn’t known. Kanye has been very influential in Hip hop performing everywhere , and I’m pretty sure he is as well known as Shakira. Also here in the states, we don’t pay for music. There are or were dozens of ways of getting hit songs for free. That’s why our music artists don’t sell albums the way they once did

          • andrew says:

            Not only in the States you get music for free. Even though Kanye is a great and successful artist, Shakira is bigger. That’s because singing in both English and Spanish, she can reach a wider audience than hip-hop music. Personally I know Kanye since 2005 (Late Registration), but Shakira already topped the charts in 2003 with “Whenever, Wherever”.

          • fuzzybear44 says:

            (That’s because singing in both English and Spanish, she can reach a wider audience than hip-hop music.)

            Are you joking with me, You have Buddhist and Shaolin monks in Tibet doing hip hop. 56 sec mark says it best
            They’re are in Papua new guinea rapping
            You have people in every country around the world doing hip hop. They might not understand the words, but they know the artist and the songs. You have rappers In French , German , in Spanish ect. That reaches a far bigger audience than just singing in English and Spanish

      • fuzzybear44 says:

        I was actually going to say something. Neither of those kids need a site page to themselves. Because if the only reason they have a page is because their parent or parents are famous, them you might as well add all the children of celebs. Maybe you should just combine the kids page with their parents page.

    • savanna says:

      You should combine his page with his brother’s.. they are barely 3 years apart in age and have the same parents.

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