Mike Pence

by follers on July 2, 2016

Birth Name: Michael Richard Pence

Place of Birth: Columbus, Indiana, U.S.

Date of Birth: June 7, 1959

*81.25% Irish
*7.81% German (including Alsatian German and Swiss-German)
*10.94% Colonial American, including English

Mike Pence is an American politician, attorney, and radio show host. A Republican, he is the Vice President of the United States, having been sworn into office on January 20, 2017. He was elected to the position in 2016. He was previously Governor of Indiana, from January 14, 2013 to January 9, 2017. He was also a Member of the U.S. House of Representatives from Indiana, from January 3, 2001 to January 3, 2013.

Vice President Pence is the son of Ann Nancy Jane (Cawley) and Edward J. Pence, Jr. Vice President Pence’s father’s ancestry was 5/8 Irish and 5/32 German (including Alsatian German and Swiss-German); the remainder of his father’s more distant roots includes English. Vice President Pence’s mother is of entirely Irish descent, the daughter and granddaughter of immigrants. Vice President Pence was raised Catholic, and later became an Evangelical Christian.

Vice President Pence’s patrilineal line traces back to a Michael Bentz, who was born, c. 1705, in Lower Bavaria, Germany, and whose family surname was changed from “Bentz” to “Pence”.

Vice President Pence’s paternal grandfather was Edward Joseph Pence, Sr. (the son of Henry Harold “Harry” Pence and Mary Ellen Riley/Reilly). Harry was born in Illinois, the son of Samuel Pence and Frances “Fannie” Payne/Paigne; Samuel was of at least one quarter German descent through his patrilineal line (including Alsatian German and Swiss-German), while the rest of his ancestry included English. Vice President Pence great-grandmother Mary Ellen was born in Illinois, the daughter of John Riley, who was Irish, and of Margaret Flannery, who was born in Louisiana, of Irish descent.

Vice President Pence’s paternal grandmother was Geraldine Kathleen Kuhn (the daughter of Philip/Phillip Blaze Kuhn and Mary Ann/Anna Larkin). Philip was born in Indiana, to a German father, William Kuhn, and an Irish mother, Margaret McGwen. Mary Ann was born in Indiana, to Irish parents, Peter Larkin and Margaret Wall.

Vice President Pence’s maternal grandfather was Richard Michael Cawley (the son of Richard Cawley and Ellen Marron). Vice President Pence’s great-grandfather Richard was an Irish immigrant, from Tubercurry, Co Sligo.

Vice President Pence’s maternal grandmother was Mary Elizabeth Maloney (the daughter of James Michael Maloney and Mary Anne/Ann Downes/Downs). Mary Elizabeth was born in Illinois, to Irish parents, from Doonbeg, Co Clare. James was the son of Michael Moloney and Anne Carney. Mary Anne was the daughter of John Downes/Downs and Eliza.

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