Mikael Persbrandt

by madman on November 9, 2015

Birth Name: Mikael Åke Persbrandt

Place of Birth: Stockholm, Sweden

Date of Birth: September 25, 1963

Ethnicity: Swedish, Finland-Swedish, possibly distant Belgian (Walloon)

Mikael Persbrandt is a Swedish actor. His parents are Bo Inge Persbrandt and Inga-lill Persbrandt.

When he hosted the Swedish radio show Sommar on July 17, 2004, he stated (in Swedish):
“(I was) baptized in the Finnish parish in Gamla Stan (The Old Town) in 1963. Ancestry from Åland on my mother’s side, and on my father’s from… well, I think they were Walloons.”

Åland is an archipelago in the Baltic Sea, and an autonomous region in Finland. It is inhabited by Finland-Swedes, a Swedish-speaking ethnic minority in Finland. Mikael has also stated that his mother’s ancestors were “fishing farmers”.

Mikael’s paternal grandparents are ? Pettersson (the son of Gustaf Pettersson and Ida Maria Olausson/Olsson) and ? Jansson (the daughter of Ernst Fabian Jansson and Elsa Marianne Hellström).

Mikael’s maternal grandparents are Karl Jonas Rafael Söderlund (the son of Karl Ferdinand Söderlund/Karlsson and Jenny Rosalia Jonasson) and ? Sandin (the daughter of Lars Petter Sandin and Karolina Josefina Karlsson).

Sources: Mikael talks about his ancestry (on 01:21) – http://sverigesradio.se

Genealogy of Mikael Persbrandt – http://www.geni.com

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