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Birth Name: Joseph Yule, Jr.

Date of Birth: September 23, 1920

Place of Birth: Brooklyn, New York City, New York, U.S.

Date of Death: April 6, 2014

Place of Death: Studio City, California, U.S.

Ethnicity: Scottish, English

Mickey Rooney was an American actor, vaudevillian, comedian, producer, and radio personality, of film, stage, television, radio, and vaudeville.

His father, Joseph Ninian “Joe” Ewell/Yule, was a Scottish emigrant, from Glasgow, Lanarkshire. His mother, Nellie W. (Carter), from Missouri, had English ancestry.

Mickey was married to Jan Chamberlin, until his death. He had two children with his former wife, singer and songwriter B. J. Baker; a son with his former wife, model and actress Martha Vickers; two children with his former wife, actress Elaine DeVry; four children with his late wife Barbara Ann Thomason; and two children with his former wife Carolyn Hockett.

Mickey’s paternal grandfather was Ninian Ewell/Yule (the son of John Ewell/Yule and Margaret Gilchrist). Mickey’s grandfather Ninian was born in Lanark, Lanarkshire, Scotland. John was the son of Ninian Ewell/Yule and Mary Carmichael or Campbell. Margaret was the daughter of James Gilchrist and Martha Scouler.

Mickey’s paternal grandmother was Elizabeth McKell (the daughter of John McKell and Margaret Porter). Elizabeth was born in Glasgow, Glasgow City, Scotland.

Mickey’s maternal grandfather was Palestine E. Carter (the son of William Carter and Elizabeth). Palestine was born in Missouri.

Mickey’s maternal grandmother was Sarah E. Wait/Waite (the daughter of Zachariah Wait and Rebecca W. Roberts). Sarah was born in Mississippi. Zachariah was the son of James Wait and Sarah Sims. Rebecca was the daughter of Amos Roberts and Mary.

Sources: Genealogies of Mickey Rooney – http://wc.rootsweb.ancestry.com


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