Meagan Good

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Birth Name: Meagan Monique Good

Place of Birth: Panorama City, Los Angeles, California, United States

Date of Birth: August 8, 1981

Ethnicity: African-Barbadian, African-American, Puerto Rican, Louisiana Creole, possibly Cherokee Native American and Jewish

Meagan Good is an American actress. She has starred in the films You Got Served, Stomp the Yard, and Saw V, among many others.

Meagan is the daughter of Tyra Wardlow-Doyle, who managed her career, and Leondis “Leon” Good, an LAPD officer. She has stated:

My mother’s mother is Jewish and African, so I guess that would be considered Creole. My mother’s father was Cherokee Indian and something else. My dad’s mother’s Puerto Rican and black, and his father was from Barbados.

It is not clear if Meagan’s Cherokee Native American or Jewish lineages have been verified/documented.

Meagan is a Christian.

Meagan is married to Hollywood producer and Seventh Day-Adventist minister DeVon Franklin.

Meagan’s maternal grandfather was Emmett Arnett Wardlow II (the son of Emmett Arnett Wardlow and Nellie Burnett/Bernett). Meagan’s grandfather Emmett was born in Mississippi, and is listed as “Negro” (black) on the 1930 U.S. census. His parents are also listed as “Negro” on the 1930 U.S. Census, and were born in Arkansas. Meagan’s great-grandfather Emmett was the son of Dan Wardlow and Marsull Brown.

Meagan’s maternal grandmother was Dolores Delrio Armstrong (the daughter of David L. “Dave” Armstrong and Vivian M. Haynes). Dolores was born in Arkansas, as was her father, whose own parents were from Alabama. Vivian’s mother’s maiden name was Duncan.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Why does this world have to be filled with so many haters im sittin up her reading what yal wrote thinkin to myself what does she have to do with any of yall.. i know she make way more money than you are.. you sittin up here talkin smck while she probably out shoppin or gettin money all of yall need to grow up…gett a life.. go do something productive..! i donmt even know the girl but i jus had to comment on haterz like yall. she dnt know yal and yal obviously dnt know her so chill wit dat drama daggg….Stupid behindz, aint got nun better else to do but HATE.. hOW YALL GON TELL THAT GIRL WHAT SHE IS .. Thats like sayin a girl thats parents are black and white, but she look more white..if she wana say she black instead than lett her be.. cant stand people like yall…

  2. ash says:

    she is not full black
    im not racist,but lets not act retarded its OBVIOUS she probably really mixed with all these thinqs :]
    end of story

    • brianna says:

      I don’t know what you’re seeing but she just looks like an average black girl to me with no visible admixture. Don’t let the weave & makeup fool you.

  3. ethnic says:

    Jbocca, its cool. From the beginning I knew this site would stir up arguments and even get criticism as ethnicity and race is a sensitive subject. But at the end of the day this site is just meant to be a bit of fun. I enjoy maintaining this site as a hobby but I also try to be as truthful as possible.

    Thanks again and keep coming back


  4. Jbocca says:

    Ethnic, I wasn’t trying to give you a difficult time because trust me I see this on other sites as well and it always bothers me! LOL. Your site actually lets you leave comments so I guess I took my frustration out on you. I guess people who have a family history of being Jewish were always defined (especially in Europe) by stricltly that even though their actual ethnicity might be polish or german or russian etc. So over the years it’s just turned into people responding to “what are you?” with “Jewish” because that is what their ancestors were defined as for so many years. But I think when people look up someones ethnicity especially a celeb they are looking to see what racial backround they are becuase lets face it alot of people want to be associated with someone who is a beautiful or a talented actor and knowing that you might have the same racial backround almost gives them sense of pride. So I see why it’s done but in all reality your right the term should be something like Jewish-Cuuntry or list them as Ethincity – polish Religion- Jewish. But I appreciate your insight! Thanks!

  5. ethnic says:

    Jbocca thanks for the feedback, you have a point there about other religions. I think the Jewish people have a situation a little different to other ethnic groups as they didnt have a home land of their own for a long time until the nation of Israel was established. As a result they settled in countries all over the world.

    That being said I think its probably fair to include other religions if Jewish is being mentioned.

    I have two ideas. Im probably going to specify a Jewish celeb with the country of the celeb’s Jewish ancestors, eg. Jewish-Polish, that’s if I can find that information.

    Alternatively I may add another field named ‘religion:’ if that celeb actively participates in that religious group.

    Thanks for the comments


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