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Mark Webber at the Los Angeles Premiere of "Scott Pilgrim vs. Th

Birth Name: Mark Allen Webber

Place of Birth: Minneapolis, Hennepin, Minnesota, United States

Date of Birth: July 19, 1980

Ethnicity: German, French, Finnish, Swedish

Mark Webber is an American actor, director, and writer.

His mother, Cheri Honkala, an activist, was the 2012 nominee for Vice President of the United States for the Green Party. Mark is married to Australian actress, producer, and model Teresa Palmer. He has two children with Teresa, and a son with his former partner, actress, writer, director, and producer Frankie Shaw.

Mark’s ancestry includes German, French, Finnish, and Swedish. Mark is also said to have Cheyenne Native American ancestry on his mother’s side.

Mark’s paternal grandfather was John James Webber (whose parents’ surnames were Webber and Plouger). James was born in Minnesota.

Mark’s paternal grandmother is Rosemary Therese Franzen (the daughter of Albert Franzen and Bernadette St. Hilaire). Rosemary was born in Minnesota. Albert’s father was German. Bernadette had French ancestry, and was the daughter of Pierre “Hilaire” St. Hilaire and Marie Clara Joncas.

Mark’s maternal grandfather was Maynard Duane Honkala (the son of Alfred Joel Honkala and Martha Amelia Glader). Maynard was born in Minnesota. Alfred was born in Minnesota, the son of Finnish parents, Joel Sakris Honkala, from Sievi, and Amanda Aurora Nevala, from Kurikka. Martha was also born in Minnesota, the daughter of Frans Oskar/Oscar Glader and Ida Marie/Maria Lindell, whose families were from Finland, and were of Swedish descent.

Mark’s maternal grandmother is named Geraldine Ann Williams.

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  1. madman says:

    Maynard Honkala’s wife Minerva ‘Minnette’ Mendez Picache was Native American. Maybe that’s why Cheri Honkala is said to have a Native American mother. That, or his grandfather simply had a thing for Native Americans.

    Minerva is often listed as Cheri’s mother (including on and for some reason, but it’s clearly not accurate.

    Frans Oskar Glader and Ida Marie Lindell were both ethnic Swedes from Finland. Please remove “They also likely had Swedish ancestry, given their names.”, since they, as far as we know, didn’t have any Finnish ancestry.

  2. andrew says:

    could you specify: Mark Webber (actor). The only Mark Webber I knew was this:

    • follers says:

      Webber’s profession is already mentioned in the article. His Wikipedia article is called “Mark Webber (actor)” because the Wikipedia system can’t have two pages with the exact same title, but we can.

  3. madman says:

    I’d assume Frans Oskar Glader and Ida Marie Lindell were ethnically Swedish, due to their surnames.

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