Marguerite Moreau

Birth Name: Margueri C. Moreau

Place of Birth: Riverside, California, United States

Date of Birth: April 25, 1977

Ethnicity: Swiss-German (paternal grandmother), English, Irish, French-Canadian, 1/8 Italian

Marguerite Moreau is an American actress.

Marguerite is the daughter of Anne L. (Viafora) and Steven Charles Moreau. Marguerite’s father has French-Canadian, Irish, and Swiss-German roots. Marguerite’s mother is of Italian, English, and Irish roots. Marguerite is married to Christopher Redman, with whom she has a son.

Marguerite’s paternal grandfather was Loren/Lawrence A. Moreau (the son of Charles E. Moreau and Lillian/Lily Cayo/Cago). Charles was born in Louiseville, QuĂ©bec, Canada, of French-Canadian descent. Lillian was the daughter of Edward Cayo, whose parents were Canadian, and of Adaline Naley/Valley, whose parents were also Canadian.

Marguerite’s paternal grandmother was MaryAnn/Mariane Wipfli (the daughter of Dominic/Dominick Wipfli and Anna Bricker). Dominic was born in Seedorf, Bern Canton, Switzerland, the son of David Wipfli. Marguerite’s great-grandmother Anna was also Swiss.

Marguerite’s maternal grandfather was Ralph A. Viafora, Jr. (the son of Ralph A. Viafora/Viafore, Sr. and Alice M. Pierce/Prescott). Marguerite’s great-grandfather Ralph was the son of Antonio Viafora and Mary/Maria Giardina, who were Italian. Alice was the daughter of William Prescott and Mary Elizabeth Dowler.

Marguerite’s maternal grandmother was Margaret Mary “Peggy” MacDonald/McDonald (the daughter of John D. MacDonald/McDonald and Mary H.). John was Canadian. Marguerite’s great-grandmother Mary H. was born in Massachusetts, to parents from Ireland.

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