Magnus Uggla

Birth Name: Per Allan Magnus Claësson Uggla

Place of Birth: Stockholm, Sweden

Date of Birth: June 18, 1954

Ethnicity: Swedish, as well as 3/16ths Ashkenazi Jewish, 1/16th Belgian (Walloon), 1/64th German, and remote Russian, Scottish, and Northern Irish

Magnus Uggla is a Swedish singer, songwriter, musician, actor, and blogger. He is the son of Madeleine Margareta (Thiel), a music director, and Claës Augustin Uggla, a patent council.

Magnus’ maternal grandfather was of three quarters Ashkenazi Jewish and one quarter Belgian (Walloon) descent. The rest of Magnus’ ancestry is mostly Swedish, with around 1/64th German, and remote Russian, Scottish, and Northern Irish.

Magnus’ paternal grandfather was Allan Robert Uggla (the son of Erik Robert Uggla and Adina Matilda Asklöf). Erik was the son of Johan Vilhelm Uggla and Kristina Ulrika Schöning. Johan’s father was a Swedish-speaking immigrant from Janakkala, Finland, and his mother was born in Gävle, Sweden, to Swedish-speaking parents from Finland. Magnus’ great-grandmother Adina was the daughter of Isaac/Isak Jonas Asklöf and Adina Charlotta Spaak.

Magnus’ paternal grandmother was Ida Evelina Augusta Petersén (the daughter of Carl August Petersén and Ida Abrahamson).

Magnus’ maternal grandfather was Olof Thiel (the son of Ernest Jacques Thiel and Anna Fredrika Josephson). Ernest was a Swedish financier and art collector, and was the son of Jean Jacques Thiel and Fanny Stiebel; Jean, a Catholic, was born in Eupen, Belgium, and was of Belgian (Walloon) descent, while Fanny was Jewish, and was born in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. Magnus’ great-grandmother Anna was from a prominent Swedish Jewish family, with roots in Germany and Poland, and was the daughter of Wilhelm Joel Josephson and Emelie Josephina Marcus.

Magnus’ maternal grandmother was Matilda Lovisa Margareta af Burén (the daughter of Ivar af Burén and Matilda Sofia Ulrika Mörner af Morlanda). Ivar was the son of Carl Pontus af Burén and Lovisa Ulrika Amalia Key. Matilda was the daughter of Claes Gustaf Ernst Mörner af Morlanda and Mathilda Lovisa Napoleona Palmqvist. Cleas’ maternal grandfather, Bogislav Ernst Von Platen, was born in Rügen, Germany.

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