Lynda Stipe

Birth Name: Lynda L. Stipe

Place of Birth: Decatur, Georgia, U.S.

Date of Birth: September 30, 1962

Ethnicity: English, distant German

Lynda Stipe is an American singer and bass guitarist. She is recognized for her involvement in the bands Oh-OK, Hetch Hetchy, and Flash to Bang Time. She is the sister of musician Michael Stipe.

Lynda’s patrilineal line traces back to Henry Stipe, who was born, c. 1741, in Germany.

Lynda’s paternal grandfather was The Rev. John Warren Mobley Stipe (the son of Edward Everett Stipe and Mary Elizabeth Irwin Mobley). The Rev. John was born in Georgia.

Lynda’s paternal grandmother was Laura S. Phipps (the daughter of James Robert Phipps and Minerva Marilda Banks). Laura was born in North Carolina. She was adopted by Aquila M. Stead and Cordelia Brooks, and renamed Laura E. Stead. James was the son of James R. Phipps. Lynda’s great-grandmother Minerva was the daughter of James Banks.

Lynda’s maternal grandfather was John Clifford Hatch (the son of Melvin C. Hatch and Julia Rush).

Lynda’s maternal grandmother was Ruth Ella Lathram (the daughter of Milton Perry Lathram and Vera Inez Parmer).

Source: Family history of Lynda’s paternal grandmother, Laura S. Phipps –

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