Loretta Young

Studio publicity portrait of Loretta Young

Birth Name: Gretchen Young

Date of Birth: January 6, 1913

Place of Birth: Salt Lake City, Utah, United States

Date of Death: August 12, 2000

Place of Death: Los Angeles, California

Ethnicity: English, some Scottish, distant Dutch, remote Welsh and Irish

Loretta Young was an American actress and singer. She won the Academy Award for Best Actress for The Farmer’s Daughter (1947).

She was the daughter of Gladys Royal (Belzer) and John Earle Young. She was married to fashion designer Jean Louis, until his death. Loretta had a daughter with actor Clark Gable, and two children with her former husband, producer Tom Lewis.

Loretta had English, some Scottish, distant Dutch, and remote Welsh and Irish, ancestry.

Loretta is frequently cited on the internet as having had Luxembourgian roots. This claim does not appear to have been verified/documented. It is not clear which of her ancestors, if any, were from Luxembourg.

Loretta’s paternal grandmother was Laura Vickery Mendell (the daughter of Cicero Mendell and Angeline Vickroy). Laura re-married to Benjamin Day Young, who became Loretta’s father’s stepfather. Cicero was the son of Noah Mendell and Mary S. Angeline was the daughter of Edwin Augustus Vickroy and Cornelia Harlan.

Loretta’s maternal grandfather was Robert Tecumuseh Royal (the son of Tecumseh F. Royall and Maria Ellen Blackman). Loretta’s great-grandfather Tecumseh was the son of John Royall and Pamela Maynard. Maria Ellen was the daughter of Ollen Marion Blackman and Johanna F. Mayfield.

Loretta’s maternal grandmother was Gertrude “Fanny”/”Fannie” L./M. Watkins (the daughter of John T. Watkins and Nancy Jane Forgey).

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