Lesley-Ann Brandt

SPCA Red Carpet Luxury Lounge - September 19, 2012

Place of Birth: Cape Town, South Africa

Date of Birth: December 2, 1981

Ethnicity: Cape Coloured (English, East Indian, German, Spanish, Dutch, Khoisan, Ashkenazi Jewish)

Lesley-Ann Brandt is a South African-born actress. She is a “Cape Coloured”, and has said “I’m a coloured South African…british, East Indian, German, Spanish, Dutch aka a Mutt!” She has also said that she has Khoisan ancestry.

She has specified:

My heritage consists of German… my last name… Indian, British and Spanish. My mother has the Indian, but is very fair and could be mistaken for white if you’ve never met her or you’re not from South Africa. Her father however was a very dark man with Indian heritage. Her mother had an olive complexion… My father on the other hand has mostly European heritage… (a white German grandfather on his fathers side and a white British Grandfather and Spanish grandmother on his mothers side)… but looks much darker than me. On my dad’s side, my grandfather had really dark olive colouring with green eyes and my grandmother was often mistaken as white during Apartheid. She would often sneak into white only grocery stores to buy food because no one really questioned her.

Lesley-Ann is able to speak Afrikaans.

A DNA test stated that Lesley-Ann’s genetic ancestry is:

*30% Central/South Asian
*26% European
*21% East Asian
*17% African
*5% Ashkenazi Jewish

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  1. fuzzybear44 says:

    Curious where the West African ancestry came from. Well I thought she was more than just bushman

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