Lawrence O’Donnell

20th Annual Pen Center USA Literary Awards Festival - Arrivals

Birth Name: Lawrence Francis O’Donnell

Place of Birth: Boston, Massachusetts

Date of Birth: November 7, 1951

Ethnicity: Irish

Lawrence O’Donnell is an American political analyst, journalist, actor, producer, and writer. He has hosted the show The Last Word with Lawrence O’Donnell since 2010.

Lawrence is the son of Frances Marie (Buckley), an office manager, and Lawrence Francis O’Donnell, an attorney. He is of Irish descent.

Lawrence’s paternal grandparents were Patrick O’Donnell and Margaret. Patrick and Margaret were both born in Massachusetts, both of them to Irish parents.

Lawrence’s maternal grandparents were William Joseph Buckley (the son of Daniel J. Buckley and Abigale D. Russell) and Honora “Nora” E. Reagan (the daughter of Timothy Reagan and Johanna Mahoney). William was born in Massachusetts, of Irish descent. Honora was born in Massachusetts, to Irish parents.


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