Laura Linney

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Birth Name: Laura Leggett Linney

Place of Birth: New York City, New York, U.S.

Date of Birth: February 5, 1964

Ethnicity: English, with Irish, Scottish, and German

Laura Linney is an American actress. She is the daughter of Miriam Anderson “Ann” (Leggett), a nurse, and Romulus Linney (Romulus Zachariah Linney IV), a playwright and novelist.

Laura’s paternal grandfather was Romulus Zachariah Linney III (the son of Romulus Zachariah Linney, Jr. and Texie N. Townsend). Laura’s great-grandfather Romulus was the son of Romulus Zachariah Linney and Dorcas A. Stephenson. Texie was the daughter of The Rev. Noah Townsend and Leanna/Anna F. Linthicum. Laura’s great-great-grandfather Romulus was a politician, who was a Republican, Member of the U.S. House of Representatives from North Carolina, from March 4, 1895 to March 3, 1901.

Laura’s paternal grandmother was Maitland LeGrande Thompson (the daughter of Jacob Alexander Thompson and Elizabeth Bettie Griffin). Jacob was the son of Lemons Williams Thompson and Sarah Jane Townsend. Elizabeth was the daughter of Silas Griffin and Nancy Elizabeth Hill.

Laura’s maternal grandfather was Milton Mitchell Leggett, Jr. (the son of Milton Mitchell Leggett and Ruth Sally Collins). Laura’s great-grandfather Milton was the son of Benjamin Russell Leggett and Dora Ada Kirkland. Ruth was the daughter of Hugh Wilbur Collins and Celia Louise Cross.

Laura’s maternal grandmother was Miriam Mae Anderson (the daughter of David Anderson and Ella Mae Busbee). David was the son of Sparks Delaware Anderson and Sarah Delilah Salter. Ella was the daughter of Gabriel Wesley Busbee and Josephine Rosa Johnson.

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