Kylie Jenner

Kylie Jenner in 2017

Birth Name: Kylie Kristen Jenner

Place of Birth: Los Angeles, California, U.S.

Date of Birth: August 10, 1997

Ethnicity: English, as well as smaller amounts of Scottish, Irish, Dutch, German, and Welsh

Kylie Jenner is an American entrepreneur, socialite, television and media personality, and model. She is the second daughter of athlete Caitlyn Jenner (born William Bruce Jenner) and socialite Kris Jenner (born Kristen Mary Houghton). Kylie has a daughter with her partner, rapper, singer, songwriter, and record producer Travis Scott.

Kylie has an older sister, Kendall Jenner, and eight half-siblings, including socialites Kourtney Kardashian, Kim Kardashian, Khlo√© Kardashian, and Rob Kardashian (all through Kris), and Brody Jenner and musician Brandon Jenner (through Caitlyn). Kylie’s nieces are Penelope Disick and North West.

Kylie’s ancestry includes English, as well as smaller amounts of Scottish, Irish, Dutch, German, and Welsh.

Kylie’s paternal grandfather was William Hugh Jenner (the son of Hugh Burton Jenner and Bertha Mary Cunningham or Yarn). William was born in Canada. Kylie’s great-grandfather Hugh was born in Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada, the son of The Rev. John Hugh Jenner and Mary Fisher MacIntyre. Bertha was also Canadian, from Newfoundland and Labrador, and was the daughter of George Yard and Charlotte Day.

Kylie’s paternal grandmother is Esther Ruth McGuire (the daughter of Walter Sherman McGuire and Kareen Maude Wright). Esther was born in Ohio. Walter was the son of Daniel Ebenezer McGuire and Martha Day. Kareen was the daughter of Thaddeus Lincoln Wright and Lola Dell Reynard.

Kylie’s maternal grandfather was Robert True Houghton (the son of True Otis Houghton and Mary Lee Pickens). Robert was born in California. True was the son of Otis Sewall Houghton and Lula Laura Bernard/Barnard. Mary Lee was the daughter of Charles/Charlie Luran A. Pickens and Lizzie/Elizabeth Mae/Mary A. Douglas/Douglass.

Kylie’s maternal grandmother is Mary Gorden/Jo Campbell (the daughter of Gorden/Gordon Lowe Campbell and Lou Ethel Wyatt). Kylie’s grandmother Mary was born in Arkansas. Gorden was the son of Jefferson Davis Campbell and Freedonia/Fredonia/Fredom May Teaney. Lou was the daughter of Walter Alba Wyatt and Mary Tiny VanZandt/Van Zandt.

Kylie’s matrilineal line can be traced back to her great-great-great-great-grandmother, S. Margaret “Maggie” Gray, who was born, c. 1833, in Mississippi.

A DNA test whose results were displayed on the show The View (2017) stated that Caitlyn Jenner’s genetic ancestry is:

*99.8% European
——–*66% British and Irish
*.1% Middle Eastern & North African
*<.1% South Asian

Kylie Jenner
Kylie Jenner in 2013

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    1. According to DNA test Kim Kardashian is 4 % indigenous.As Kim’s father is Armenian the indigenous part must came from her mother.That means that Kylie has also native blood

  1. She never looked english to me. She use to look like a cute italian girl and now with all the horrible surgery she looks middle eastern or part black.

    1. It doesn’t sound right, you calling her surgery horrible and then saying that she looks Middle Eastern or part black. Is there something “horrible” about looking like either of those? :\

  2. Why do all of the Jenner women all look like they are middle eastern? Do they purposely go for a darker look? Hair dark, eyes. I hope she knows she isn’t Spanish, Armenian, middle eastern.. she is English, as well as small amounts of Scottish, Irish, Dutch, German… pure European not matter how hard she tries. Her older sisters are mixed. Not her.

    1. Oh please, Kylie looks nothing like a Middle Eastern woman. She looks white. Middle Eastern women are beautiful (most of them anyway), Kylie wishes she was exotic like Kim and Kourtney.

  3. She looks so disgusting and fake now. It’s so obvious she wants to be Black, just look at how much plastic surgery she’s gotten, and she pours buckets and buckets of tanning shit on her to look remotely attractive. Without all that shit she just looks like a basic White girl.

  4. Kylie wants to look like a sexy Black and Hispanic woman now so bad with all that tanning and lip injections. She’s a basic white girl. She doesn’t look like that anymore.

  5. There is no such thing as black hair , then I wld hv “virtually black”hair . Its called very dark brown hair. And someone tell me why she seems like an odd ball, a black sheep? Is it bc she ain’t a ho…yet or she still young..? She’s not a kardashian by name but surrounded by them…….

        1. @WTF black women are the best. No difference in the Americas (South, North or the Carribean) with black and black mixed women we are all mixed from 5% to 30, 50% percentage range.


    Kylie Jenner (as well as Kendall Jenner) is only white on her father, Bruce Jenner’s, side. Her mother (as well as her three older sisters Kourtney, Kim and Khloe) is Armenian, which is a country in the middle-east. Therefore she and her sister Kendall are half-Armenian, half-English/Scottish/Irish/Dutch. Just for the record, Armenian is not white, nor is it in europe.

        1. “Arab” is not a race, it’s a panethnicity. South West Asian groups originated in what today we call “Arab countries”, but DNA shows that the average European has significant amounts of it whila many Arabs have significant amount of Mediteranean DNA to the point that it can become predominant. In any case, South West Asian group is part of the Caucasian group, so no, most arabs, except for those that are mixed with black or are black, do not belong to a different race than your average European. Her mom isn’t of Armenian ancestry.

      1. Spain never really “invaded” Ireland. There was an armada, most members of which did not remain in Ireland and/or were killed.

        “Black Irish” is a term someone made up to describe Irish people with dark hair and/or eyes. It has no genealogical or ethnic meaning whatsoever. You can similarly call Russell Brand, Rowan Atkinson, Dominic Cooper, and so on, “Black English”, and much of Wales “Black Welsh”, and so on. Fact must be separated from silly myth-making.

          1. Does it really matter who has ancestry from 7,000 years back? Most ethnic groups on earth (or even all) did not even exist in the forms they do no 7,000 years ago. If one single person in England had Spanish ancestry 2000 years ago, and has descendants today, then it is extremely likely that every English person is descended from that person today (many times over).

          2. Iberian theory? This article’s nonsense about Spanish tribes and Celts 7,000 years ago is just based on Sykes misunderstandings of haplogroup R1b and ridiculous in itself.

          3. Andrew that is outdated information. Spain didn’t repopulate Europe after the Ice Age. Spain like all of Europe received R1b from the East. The R1b haplotype dominant in the British Isles is a different subclade than the one in Spain. The Irish and Spanish are not very close on autosomal dna. Spain is much closer to a lot of European countries than Ireland.

          4. The R1b (Basque theory) information is now outdated but every archaeologist knows that Britain in the neolithic and early bronze age was entered via the western seaboard (Spain and France) hence most of British Isles (and Ireland) has some similarity to these areas. The celtic languages probably arrived via that corridor too.

          5. Why do some British nationalist have issues with Spanish relations? You guys are so quick to claim both Roman heritage and Viking heritage, both of which you don’t have much of according to recent studies, but for some reason to have spanish relations is looked down on? Why so? isn’t it British women who are obsessed with Spanish men? Anyway, relations with the Spanis is inescapable for you. No matter how you slice it, British people didn’t just magically appear in the isles Europeans migrated from THE SOUTH and then upward. Every single northern european group has mediterranean admixture. Every single one. I know that might hurt the neo nazis who want to be pure Germanic, but those are the facts

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