Krista Kalmus

Kalmus in 2016, photo by

Birth Name: Krista L. Kalmus

Place of Birth: Washington, U.S.

Date of Birth: Private

Ethnicity: Luxembourgian, English, Danish, possibly other

Kristina Kalmus is an American actress.

Kristina’s paternal grandparents were Fran├žois “Frank” Kalmus and Berthe “Betty”. Fran├žois and Berthe were born in Luxembourg.

Kristina’s maternal grandfather is Charles Reed Baker (the son of Gaither Estelle Baker and June W.). Charles was born in Washington. Gaither was born in Missouri, the son of Charles G. Baker and Elizabeth. June was born in Washington, to a father from Denmark.

Kristina’s maternal grandmother is named Doris J.

Sources: Obituary of Kristina’s maternal grandfather, Charles R. Baker –

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