Kiowa Gordon

by stlucas on June 26, 2017

Kiowa Gordon – “Warm Bodies” Los Angeles Premiere – Photo Credit: Tina Gill / PR Photos

Birth Name: Kiowa Joseph Gordon

Place of Birth: Berlin, Germany

Date of Birth: March 25, 1990

*Scottish, other (father)
*Hualapai Native American (mother)

Kiowa Gordon is an American actor.

Kiowa was born in Berlin, Germany, to American parents, Camille Nighthorse Gordon, an actress, and Thomas “Tom” Gordon. His father is white. His mother has Hualapai Native American roots.

Kiowa was raised in the Hualapai Reservation in Peach Springs, Arizona, from the age of two, as well as in Utah and California.

Kiowa has said:

I am Hualapai. We are located in Northern Arizona, at the Grand Canyon. We own the Skywalk area. When I was growing up, my mom tried teaching us [the language], all my seven siblings and I. But we just laughed at her, because it sounded funny to us. Now, I’m kind of sad that I couldn’t learn it, because it’s a dying language. So, hopefully, I’ll get to learn it sometime soon.


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