Keke Palmer

Birth Name: Lauren Keyana Palmer

Place of Birth: Harvey, Illinois, U.S.

Date of Birth: August 26, 1993

Ethnicity: African-American

Keke Palmer is an American actress, singer, songwriter, and television presenter. She first became known for starring in the 2006 film Akeelah and the Bee, and then the Nickelodeon series True Jackson, VP. She was born to African-American parents.

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  1. Why are people saying she looks asian. She’s actually one of the few black american celebrities that is mostly black with little admixture. At most, she’s 20%, but she’s definitely just black. Now there are other celebrities on here that are so obviously mixed that people try to say are just black, but in Keke palmers case, she’s defnitely not mixed.

  2. She is one of the few African-Americans that are actually mixed with Native American ancestry, but of course she doesn’t claim it like many of the fakes do!

    1. Like me. Its funny I am actually Native American mixed, in reality but I dont go around stating that, I dont tell people in real life. But I hear soo many people , talking about it , especially African Americans.

  3. it’s nice to see a black girl who isn’t put in a pedestal for looking like a bland, tanned, white chick like Halle Berry, Rihanna, Beyonce, Stacey Dash,etc. yuck. not to mention keke is obviously more talented!

    and her nose is so cute, African-descented people usually have nice ones

    1. I understand that you’re trying to uplift brown/darker skin black females but you don’t have to put down lighter skin black women either. Neither of the women you named are bland, they’re all beautiful. You make yourself look insecure. Your no better than those ignorant blacks that put down dark skin.

      Also, do you even know what Stacey Dash looks like or are you just throwing in random names? There is nothing light about her. She’s only a few shades lighter than Keke, she’s brown skin.

      1. IMO Halle and the others have bland beauty (except Rihanna has a nice nose and eyes). that doesn’t make me insecure, that makes it my opinion. and there you go… you can’t say light skinned women are overrated or not your taste without offending people but do you ever see anyone angry when Whoopi Goldberg gets insulted? No, of course not, she is “ugly” because she doesn’t look white at all.

        And yes, I was SHOCKED to find out Stacey was black. She looks very, very, very Caucasian. That’s another thing: why is it it’s “offensive” to say a black/latina woman looks white but it’s considered a HUGE compliment to tell white women they look black/latina/Asian?

    2. wow your stupid,first of all Halle Berry is mixed so she’s half WHITE as well as black. 2nd Rihanna and Beyonce are both at least 1/4 mixed thus Rihannas hazel eyes and Beyonces mom clearly isn’t black. And stacey dash is mixed too. Are you gonna fault them for being mixed, they’re obviously not gonna have full on “black” characteristics should there be such a thing.

        1. Broad features, tightly coiled hair. Skin color actually has nothing to do with how mixed someone is since there are full black Africans(like Khosians with light brown skin)

    3. I agree with you completely! :) I posted on another page that I, along with lots of other Black girls don’t have to be “mixed” to know we’re beautiful. My dad is multiracial, but I still consider myself Black, and I’m PROUD of it! Haters are pathetic…..

  4. She’s so pretty and talented! @ “umm”, how can you say her nose is big? It’s not big from the front view or side view. I’m not saying you have to like her but you sound like you’re looking for faults.

  5. I guess thanks to ignorance some of you guys think all black people have one certain look. This is so not true! I’m a black African and we have people with light eyes, brown hair, very light skin and they’re not mixed with other races. I have brown hair, dark eyes and a european like nose while my brother is as black as the night ! You’d be surprised by the skin shades and variances in appearance. So she doesn’t necessarily have to be mixed to look like that. And she’s a very pretty and talented girl!

  6. Beauty is subjective. I think Keke is very pretty and seems like a nice girl. There are plently of people in Africa that look like Keke, and they are not mixed with Native American. Just because someone has high cheekbones doesn’t mean that he or she is partially Native American or Asian. She may be partially Native American, but I’m just saying that different ethnic groups share similar features.

  7. why r u talking about her like that if u have nothing nice to say about her then dont say it all your just jelous people you wish u could be her thats why u talk about her if you wanna talk bout somebody talk bout your self yall just pick on ha cuz she black so shut the fuck up talkin bout her cuz shell make more in her life then you ever will.

    1. Almost if not every African American has something other then black in them their not 100% my grandma is creole and the other is half native Indian by her mother being native Indian and she’s half black by her father so therefore shes KeKe is black. And she’s also very pretty may I add.

    1. Why Would You Say That! This Is A Celebrity Ethnicity Site. You Comment On Their Ethncity! You Didn’t Have To Say That.

      I’m Just Saying Because She Is Young. Sorry If I Was Being Rude.

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