Katy Perry

Birth Name: Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson

Place of Birth: Santa Barbara, California, United States

Date of Birth: October 25, 1984

Ethnicity: Portuguese (3/16ths), along with German, English, Irish, Scottish, Scots-Irish/Northern Irish, Welsh, distant French, remote Manx/Isle of Man

Katy Perry, born Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson, is an American singer, songwriter, and actress. She is known for her hit songs “I Kissed a Girl” and “Hot n Cold”, among others.

Katy’s father has English, and smaller amounts (to varying degrees) of Irish, Scottish, Scots-Irish/Northern Irish, Welsh, French, and remote Manx (Isle of Man), ancestry. Katy’s mother is of three eighths Portuguese, one eighth Irish, one quarter German, and approximately one quarter English/British Isles, descent. Three of Katy’s maternal great-great-grandparents were from the Azores, islands belonging to Portugal (including from Horta, Faial Island, in the Azores). Katy’s uncle (her mother’s half-brother) was director Frank Perry.

A DNA test whose results Katy displayed on her Instagram page stated that Katy’s genetic ancestry is:

*86.7% Northwestern European
——–*36.1% British & Irish
——–*13.9% French & German
——–*2.3% Scandinavian
——–*34.4% Broadly Northwestern European
*11.3% Southern European
——–*5.3% Iberian
——–*1.0% Italian
——–*4.9% Broadly Southern European
*<0.1% Ashkenazi Jewish
*1.8 Broadly European
*<0.1% Unassigned

Katy’s paternal grandfather is Robert C. Hudson (the son of Robert Carlock Hudson and Merla Douglas). Katy’s grandfather Robert was born in Tennessee. Katy’s great-grandfather Robert was the son of Joseph Sidney Hudson and Lula Ada Carlock.

Katy’s paternal grandmother is Annie/Ann Pearl Robison (the daughter of Hulet Lender Robison and Lassie Leodifyne Meadows). Annie was born in Arkansas. Hulet was the son of Julius Walter Robison and Millie Maud Knight. Lassie was the daughter of Joseph Hasard Meadows and Nannie N. Garrett.

Katy’s maternal grandfather was Frank Joseph Perry (the son of Antonio Perry and Sarah Adeline Denis). Frank was born in California. Antonio was of Portuguese descent, the son of Frank Perry. Sarah was the daughter of Vincente Denis, a Portuguese immigrant, and of Hannah A. Mulhaire, who was Irish, from Eyrecourt, County Galway.

Katy’s maternal grandmother was Mary Elizabeth Vilsack (the daughter of Aloysius Joseph “Ollie” Vilsack and Gladys Matilda Brace). Mary Elizabeth was born in Pennsylvania. Aloysius was of German descent, the son of Leopold Vilsack, a famous brewer and banker, and of Dorothea/Dorothy A. Blank. Gladys had English ancestry, and was the daughter of Napoleon Collins Brace and Mary Elizabeth Craig.

Katy is a second cousin, once removed, of politician Tom Vilsack. Katy’s maternal great-great-grandparents, Leopold Vilsack and Dorothea/Dorothy A. Blank, were also Tom’s paternal great-grandparents.

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Left Eyed Photography/bigstock.com

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      In fact, even if we presume that there are races of humans, they are not discrete, there’s a great deal of overlap, and a slow transition between the populations, called “clines” in biology. So it’s always possible to find populations which doesn’t fit into any pre-described racial categories, no matter how you define them.

      In genetics, there is clusters based on geography, and that’s based on similarity due to geographical closeness, but not necessarily something which defines an inherent race.

      There is a great deal of variation among humans, both within and between populations. I presume that people can understand the variation between populations bit, but they have a hard time with the variation within populations, which makes them assume that this or that person “must” have this or hat ancestry based on looks, which can just as well be explained by local variation – especially when you consider that European Americans often have ancestry from all over Europe, which widens the possible variation within their group.

    1. She looks Irish. I was shocked when she mentioned that she was English and Portuguese and not Irish…then it was revealed that she is Irish and thus I know I can trust my instincts.

      And Rita, yes they are ”white”. But what does white mean anyway? Human genetics exist in clades and clines, and thus colour is very irrelevant. Ancestry isn’t unless you hold racial views (ethnicity are not races and know and all are human).

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          4. i wouldnt rly call it an occupation but whatever rocks ure boat. as for whole portugues delnego is definitely wrong. latino doesnt rly mean anything but the culture itself. so portuguese are latino by culture and by race mostly white/caucasian. complexion has nothing to do with it. even most of the population of latin america is either white or mixed heavily with white and some other race just to add the flavor. so not sure what the hell is this talk all about :)

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          1. well its not just an invasion as u put it. before settlers came only natives lived there and they had nothing to do with the modern day brazilian culture rly. brazilian culture is heavily influenced by latin culture that spread during the roman period throughout europe. why do u think that part of america is called latin. its surely not cuz of the native tribes that lived there. ofc brazilian is different than portuguese cuz brazil was also influenced by some african element. but core latin culture stayed in place over the centuries.

          2. This happens when American Census changes the meaning of the words.If Portugal or Spain are not latino,then,any country in Latin Ametica is latino.It is Portuguese and Spanish blood and cultural heritage tha Latin America is Latin.And not all South America is latino,there are territories that were and are colonies of UK and Netherlands.

          1. You guys are all nuts.

            Anyway, Katy doesn’t look typical Portuguese at all, although I am sure there are some who do look like her.

  1. well i can see why she didn’t use her real name when she became a singer … she and kate hudson, the actress, would kinda have the same name as each other lol!

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