Karen Allen

Karen Allen

Birth Name: Karen Jane Allen

Place of Birth: Carrolton, Illinois, U.S.

Date of Birth: October 5, 1951

Ethnicity: Irish, Scottish, English, Welsh

Karen Allen is an American actress, known for playing Marion Ravenwood in the Indiana Jones series. She is the daughter of Ruth Patricia (Howell) and Carroll Thompson Allen.

Karen’s paternal grandparents were William Jackson Allen and Hazel Jane Thompson (the daughter of Albert Alonzo Thompson and Sarah “Sally” Josephine/Jane Edwards). Albert was the son of David Thompson and Mary Jane Cole. Sarah was the daughter of William Presley Nowlin Edwards and Ellen/Ellinder Jefferies.

Karen’s maternal grandfather was Fred Uriah/William Howell (the son of John J. Howell and Augusta L. Snell). John was the son of Uriah D. Howell and Elsie/Alice Nevius. Augusta was the daughter of Asa Snell and Priscilla Emeline Landon.

Karen’s maternal grandmother was Florence Lucille Stanley (the daughter of Edward Buchanan Stanley and Sarah M. Kirby). Edward was the son of Matthew Cook/C. Stanley and Elizabeth Armstrong. Sarah was the daughter of William Kirby and Expeirene Perrings.

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