Julian Glover

by follers on December 10, 2014

Pam Gems Memorial Service at St. James Church in London on July 3, 2011

Birth Name: Julian Wyatt Glover

Place of Birth: Hampstead, London

Date of Birth: 27 March, 1935

Ethnicity: English, Scottish, Welsh

Julian Glover is an English actor.

Julian’s paternal grandparents were William Gordon Glover (the son of Thomas Craigie Glover and Ellen Dunoon Gordon) and Florence Edith Hardie (the daughter of Alexander Hardie and Florence). William was Scottish.

Julian’s maternal grandparents were Horace Matthew Wyatt (the son of Robert Harvey Wyatt and Annie Lyle) and Annie Mary Morgan (the daughter of Daniel Morgan and Ann). Horace was English. Annie Morgan was Welsh, from Glamorgan.

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