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by follers on April 23, 2014

Place of Birth: Lockport, New York, U.S.

Date of Birth: June 16, 1938

*English, German (father)
*Hungarian (mother)

Joyce Carol Oates is an American author. Her mother, Carolina (Bush), was of Hungarian origin. Her father, Frederic James Oates, had English and German ancestry. Joyce is married to professor, Charles Gross. She was previously married to educator, author, and book editor Raymond J. Smith., until his death.

Joyce’s paternal grandfather was Carlton Oates (the son of James Oates and Carrie Spedding).

Joyce’s paternal grandmother was Blanche I. Morningstar (the daughter of John Morningstar and Hattie Perkins Saws). John was the son of immigrants from Baden, Germany, Johann/John Morningstar/Morgenstern and Albertina/Betty. Hattie’s parents, James Amosy Perkins and Hattie Josephine Hutson, were of English origin.

Joyce’s maternal grandparents were John Bùs/Bush and Lena.

Joyce sometimes makes reference to her paternal grandmother having been Jewish. It does not appear that this statement is accurate. Joyce’s paternal grandmother’s mother was not Jewish. It is not clear if Joyce’s paternal grandmother’s father was Jewish, but there is some evidence that he was not.

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