Josh Duhamel

Birth Name: Joshua David Duhamel

Place of Birth: Minot, North Dakota, U.S.

Date of Birth: November 14, 1972

Ethnicity: German (about half), as well as 1/8th Norwegian, 1/16th French-Canadian, small amounts of Irish, English, and Austrian

Josh Duhamel is an American actor and model. He is married to singer and actress Fergie, with whom he has a son.

His father, Larry David Duhamel, is of one eighth French-Canadian descent, along with German, English, Norwegian, and Irish. Josh’s mother, Bonnie/Bonny L. Kemper, is of mostly German, and some English and Austrian, ancestry. His surname means “from the hamlet” in French.

Josh’s paternal grandfather was Lawrence “Larry” Louis Duhamel (the son of Louis William Duhamel and Agnes Catherine/K. Rader). Lawrence was born in North Dakota. Josh’s great-grandfather Louis was the son of William Brassar Duhamel, who was French-Canadian, from Ontario, and of Mary Jane O’Brien/O’Brian, whose parents were Irish. Agnes was the daughter of German parents.

Josh’s paternal grandmother was Vergil Delores Baker (the daughter of Clifford Mark Baker and Minnie Constance Bjorn). Vergil was born in North Dakota. Clifford was the son of Bernard Mortimer Baker and Florence Perry, who had English ancestry. Minnie was born in North Dakota, the daughter of Norwegian parents, Alfred Christopher Bjorn and Helga Nathilda Aarstad/Orstad.

Josh’s maternal grandfather was Walter John Bachmeier (the son of Daniel/Dan Bachmeier and Theresia Sander). Walter was born in North Dakota. Daniel was an ethnic German from Russia. Theresia was born in North Dakota, the daughter of ethnic German parents from the Russian Empire, Rochus Sander/Saudar, from Selz, Kutschurgan Colony, and Theresia/Trieca/Theresa Bartsch, who was also from the Odessa area.

Josh’s maternal grandmother is Eileen Grace Smith (the daughter of George Edward/Edgar Smith and Elizabeth Gertrude Hannis). Eileen was born in North Dakota. George was born in Illinois, the son of Edgar Scott Smith and Hermina Bretthauer, who was of German descent. Elizabeth was born in North Dakota, the daughter of Peter Hannis, who was German, and of Anna Lydia Hierath, who was Austrian. Anna was the daughter of Josef Karl Hierath and Anna Marie Riedel.

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    1. Or it could have something to do with the fact that none of those women are Duhamel’s great-great-grandmother (with the possible exception of the first one).

      I think ashash said it best on the Emmanuelle Vaugier page.

    1. To Danae

      That’s a good question,but you have to remember,all these( French Canadian, Norwegian ,German, Irish, English)are just countries.Not one of them tells you what the people who he descends from look like

    2. Duhamel
      French: topographic name for someone who lived in a hamlet, from Old French hamel, a diminutive of ham ‘homestead’, with fused preposition and definite article du.

    3. how does having tan skin contribute to anyone’s ethnicity, it just means he goes in the sun or goes to tanning salons, the whole purpose of a “tan” is to go darker than your natural colour, everyone tans

  1. HEy EtHNiC, i tHiNk HE’S ALS0: iRiSH, gERMAN, ANd ENgLiSH T00. bECAUSE iT SAyS TH0SE C0UNtRiES 0N tHE gENEAL0gy LiNk Ab0VE f0R tHE S0URCE. S0 i THiNk HiS EtHNiCiTy iS: fRENCH, gERMAN, iRiSH, N0RWEgiAN, AND ENgLiSH. S0 CAN yU fiX tHAt.? tHANkS.! =]]

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