Jonathan Taylor Thomas

by ethnic on August 3, 2010

Spring 2003 WB Winter Press Tour Party

Birth Name: Jonathan Taylor Weiss

Place of Birth: Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, U.S.

Date of Birth: September 8, 1981

Ethnicity: German, Swiss-German, Portuguese, distant Irish and French, possibly English

Jonathan Taylor Thomas is an American actor. His father is of Pennsylvania Dutch (German) descent, with some Swiss-German roots, and distant Irish and French ancestry. His mother is of Portuguese and possibly English ancestry.

Jonathan’s paternal “Weiss” line traces back to a Johannes “John” Weiss, who was born, c. 1756, in Wies, Lorrach, Baden-Wuerttemberg, Germany.

Jonathan’s paternal grandfather was Benjamin Laucks Weiss (the son of George Jacob Weiss and Emma A. Laucks). Benjamin was born in Pennsylvania, and was from a Lutheran family that had lived in Pennsylvania for many generations, of Pennsylvania Dutch (German) descent, with some Swiss-German roots. Benjamin also had remote French ancestry. George’s parents were The Rev. Benjamin J. Weiss and Emma Rahn Merkel. Jonathan’s great-great-grandfather The Rev. Benjamin was a minister in the Reformed Church (also known as the German Reformed Church), who preached in both German and English. Jonathan’s great-grandmother Emma was the daughter of Henry R. Laucks and Emma R. Raser/Raezer.

Jonathan’s paternal grandmother was Helen E. Eagle (the daughter of Charles R. Eagle and Nora Hetty Boerkert/Borkert). Helen was born in Pennsylvania, and was also from a Lutheran family of Pennsylvania Dutch (German) descent, with distant Irish roots. Charles was the son of Richard L. Eagle and Ellen Reifschneider. Nora was the daughter of Albert G. Borkert and Malinda Wentzel.

Jonathan’s maternal grandparents’ surnames were “Gonsalves” and “White”. Jonathan’s maternal grandfather was of Portuguese descent. It is not clear of Jonathan’s maternal grandmother was of Portuguese descent as well. The surname “White” could have been changed from a Portuguese surname, or it could imply English ancestry.

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Dstmnstr April 13, 2017 at 6:05 am


I might’ve found his profile on,

Thank you,
Dustin Schrull

follers April 13, 2017 at 3:34 pm

Yes, but it’s empty. :-)

Dstmnstr November 10, 2016 at 6:38 am


I’ve tried to find some more information on John’s mother’s side and I found this on, this might be John’s maternal grandmother since she married a Gonsalves and White was her maiden name too:

Thank you,
Dustin Schrull

follers November 10, 2016 at 3:40 pm

It’s possible, but this woman was born in Mexico. I think Thomas would have mentioned it if he is of part Mexican descent?

Dstmnstr November 10, 2016 at 3:52 pm

It would be surprising, I wouldn’t have thought that he’s also Mexican descent too. I’ve tried to research more about his mother’s side by using and typing in Gonsalves and White and found that death record and thought that would be Johnathan’s grandmother.

Dstmnstr January 19, 2016 at 8:45 am


I’m also Portuguese American too and I was gonna work on his mother’s side, but there wasn’t enough information, and I got carried away with working on his father’s side. Also, Gonsalves originated from Gonçalves and White, might be English, I never seen any White family members during my Portuguese research. Here is a link to his tree:

follers January 19, 2016 at 4:10 pm

You should make a tree of Tom Hanks and James Franco, assuming you haven’t already.

Dstmnstr January 19, 2016 at 7:30 pm

I’ve started them, but I’m not sure which Azorean Islands did Tom’s ancestors came from. And for James Franco, the Portuguese websites that I know of barely have any info on the Madeirans, since James Franco is a Madeiran descendant.

athelya November 18, 2015 at 7:03 pm

he kind of looks scandinavian.. though that may be his german roots

cwm85 July 27, 2015 at 7:17 pm

Figured German…

neiltennant July 12, 2015 at 11:42 am

this is an example of people only found in the us

mixed of several ethnicities

eldiablo1313 January 12, 2014 at 2:47 pm

He was such a cutie back then as Randy.

The Beautiful Ones January 7, 2014 at 11:16 am

O My God he looks like an exact replica of Jim Morrison from The Doors!!

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