Johnny Logan

by Manila on March 9, 2016

Birth Name: Seán Patrick Michael Sherrard

Place of Birth: Frankston, Victoria, Australia

Date of Birth: 13 May 1954

Ethnicity: Irish, at least 1/16 English, possibly Northern Irish

Johnny Logan is an Australian-born Irish singer and composer. He is known as the only performer to have won the Eurovision Song Contest twice, in 1980 and 1987. His father, Patrick O’Hagan (Charles Alphonsus Sherrard), was a Northern Irish tenor, who performed for three different U.S. presidents at the White House: John F. Kennedy, Lyndon B. Johnson, and Richard Nixon. His mother, Ellen Mary “Eily” (Gargan), was Irish, from Kilkenny.

Johnny’s paternal grandparents were Samuel “Sammy” Sherrard and Jane “Jinny” McMillan (the daughter of Charles Edward McMillan and Frances “Fanny” Canning). Frances was the daughter of Anthony Canning and Jane Bradley, who was English, from Well, Yorkshire (present-day North Yorkshire). The surname “McMillan” derived from “MacMillan”, which is of Scottish origin. However, it is unclear if Charles had Scottish ancestry.

Johnny’s maternal grandparents were Matthew Gargan (the son of Matthew Gargan and Mary Anne Wilkinson) and Mary Francis Dunne. Johnny’s great-grandfather Matthew was the son of Terence Gargan and Bridget Walsh. Mary Anne was the daughter of Thomas Wilkinson and Mary Egan.

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