Joey Belladonna

Joey Belladonna plays solo at the Pearl Room

Birth Name: Joseph Anthony Bellardini

Place of Birth: Oswego, New York, United States

Date of Birth: October 13, 1960

*Italian (father)
*English, Irish, Scottish, remote Dutch, possibly Iroquois Native American (mother)

Joey Belladonna is an American singer and musician. He is the singer of the thrash metal band Anthrax, and the singer and drummer of the band Chief Big Way.

Joey is the son of Jean M. (Hutchinson) and Joseph Bellardini. He has Italian ancestry from his father, and English, Irish, Scottish, and remote Dutch, ancestry from his mother.

Joey has said:

My mother is Iroquois. I don’t really follow anything, but I am very sentimental about it. I am always very happy to see someone showing interest in this important part of my life.

When asked if it is true that he is Native American, Joey said:

Yeah that is true, my mum is part Indian American, from the Canadian side of it, but I never talk to my mum about it. The rest of me is Italian American. I think it is really neat to be honest.

It is not clear if this Iroquois Native American ancestry have been documented/verified. All of Joey’s maternal great-grandparents are listed as “White” or “English” on the U.S. and Canada censuses.

Joey’s paternal grandparents were Antonio Bellardini (the son of Joseph Bellardini and Louise) and Alvena Angelina (the daughter of James Angelina and Helena Polga/Poliga/Polica). Antonio was born in Italy. James and Helena were Italian immigrants.

Joey’s maternal grandparents were William Murel Hutchinson (the son of John W. Hutchison and Cora Bell Wolf/Wolfe/Woolf) and Myrtle/Murtle Bell/Belle Root (the daughter of Hulbert Horace Root and Margaret “Maggie” Shipman). Joey’s grandmother Myrtle/Murtle was Canadian.

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