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Sabaton – Metalfest Open Air 2011 – Czech Republic – Day 3 – Plzen – Lochotin Cirque – Czech Republic – Keywords: Joakim Broden, Oskar Montelius, Daniel Mullback, Daniel Myhr, Rikard Sunden, Par Sundstrom Orientation: Portrait Face Count: 1 – False – Photo Credit: radim rotek / PR Photos

Place of Birth: Falun, Dalarna, Sweden

Date of Birth: 5 October, 1980

*Swedish (father)
*Czech (mother)

Joakim Brodén is a Swedish-Czech musician. He is the lead vocalist, keyboardist, and occasional guitarist of the power metal band Sabaton.

His father, Ulf Olof Brodén, is Swedish, also from Falun. His mother, Anna (Holečeková), is Czech.

Joakim’s paternal grandfather was Bengt Olof Brodén (the son of Johan Arvid Gustafsson Brodén and Ellen Josefina Sätterholm). Bengt was born in Gävle, Gävleborg. Johan was the son of Gustaf Persson and Carin Ersdotter. Ellen was the daughter of Carl Petter Sätterholm and Maria Olsdotter Sjöström.

Joakim’s paternal grandmother was Elsie Viktoria Eriksson (the daughter of Gustaf Sigfrid Eriksson and Anna Josefina Åkerlind). Elsie was born in Östervåla, Västmanland. Gustaf was the son of Erik Ersson and Stina Cajsa, Palmgren. Anna was the daughter of Erik Åkerlind and Carin Ersdotter.

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