Jennifer Love Hewitt

Place of Birth: Waco, McLennan, Texas, U.S.

Date of Birth: February 21, 1979

Ethnicity: English, Scottish, German, remote French

Jennifer Love Hewitt is an American actress, singer, songwriter, producer, and director.

Jennifer is the daughter of Patricia Mae (Shipp) and Herbert Daniel Hewitt. She is married to actor Brian Hallisay, with whom she has two children.

Jennifer’s documented ancestry includes English, Scottish, German, and remote French.

On an Instagram live feed on March 9, 2018, Jennifer said that she also has Dutch and Native American ancestry. It is not clear if Jennifer’s Native American ancestry has been verified/documented. All of Jennifer’s grandparents and great-grandparents are listed as “White” on United States Censuses. It is not clear if Jennifer has Dutch ancestry either.

Jennifer is sometimes described on the internet as being of Italian descent. This is not accurate.

Jennifer’s paternal grandfather was Herbert James Hewitt (the son of Herbert/Bert Edward Hewitt and Pearl Beard). Jennifer’s grandfather Herbert was born in Texas. Jennifer’s great-grandfather Herbert was born in Manchester, England, the son of Benjamin F. Hewitt and Levina Clowe. Pearl was the daughter of James Rose Beard and Temperance Lottie Hobbs.

Jennifer’s paternal grandmother was Mary Elizabeth Ogle (the daughter of Daniel/Dan E. Ogle and Etta M. Patterson). Mary Elizabeth was born in Mississippi. Daniel was the son of William Ogle and Ida P. Davis. Etta was the daughter of Henry C. Patterson.

Jennifer’s maternal grandfather was Lemuel Houston Shipp (the son of Solomon David “Pete” Shipp and Donna/Dona Mae Jones). Lemuel was born in Texas. Solomon was the son of William A. Shipp and Bertha Lee Durst.

Jennifer’s maternal grandmother was Charlotte/Charloette Grace/Brace Weagley (the daughter of Omer/Homer/Omar Frederick Weagley and Lula Grace Kendall). Charlotte was born in Maryland. Omer was the son of William F. Weagley and Ida M. Kinsel. Lula was the daughter of William Wesley Kendall and Martha Alice Kuhn.

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Curious about ethnicity

100 Responses

  1. NightStarryWayto1971 says:

    it’s pure heavy frog shit … it’s surely an a obsessed fan with Italian origin who fantasize a little bit too much and imagine a scenario about his origin…
    and dear god how she cannot been english with a name like Hewitt ? …

    Sometimes there’s families who arrived in America later (since less than 100-80 years) and this can be a reason why she has no other origins…

  2. Klipping says:

    I don’t think this drop dead gorgeous babe is fully English, maybe she is part English but not fully, if she were 100% English she were absolutally ugly!!!, English women are so bloody ugly, if an English chick is pretty be sure she has some Irish or Welsh background, and i’m not saying Irish and Welsh girls are the most beautiful girls in the world, i’m just saying they are prettier than English, and i’m from Liverpool by the way.

    • Marc says:

      Shut da fuck up! It’s You really 100% ugly!…and blind as well

      Girls from British Islands or have some British ethnicity the most beautiful girl ih the world

      • dolphin says:

        While there are more beauties in cinema who are Irish, Welsh, and/or Scottish, there are beautiful English women, too, and Jennifer Love Hewitt is a great example of that. She has a pretty face, and a body, that as a woman, I truly admire.

        I am, however, surprised that she is only English. Most of these white celebrities are usually a blend of all sorts of European ethnicities, or they have someone in their bloodline who was Native American and/or African-American, especially if their family has been here for over a hundred years.

    • Jo says:

      she’s not drop dead gorgeous… in fact I can name 10+ more attractive British ladies =)

      Audrey Hepburn (yes yes I know she was half Dutch, oh well)
      Rachel Weisz
      Vivien Leigh
      Naomi Watts
      Anna Walton
      Cate Blanchett
      Keira Knightley
      Catherine Zeta Jones
      Imogen Poots
      Helena Bonham Carter
      Evanna Lynch

      • Fuzzybear says:

        To Jo

        Have to disagree with you on these women you named.When Jlove is on here game,(Naomi Watts,Anna Walton,Imogen Poots,Helena Bonham Carter,Evanna Lynch,Cate Blanchett or Keira Knightley)can touch her

      • Paul. says:

        Evanna Lynch isn’t British, she’s born and bred Irish! :D

      • Alice says:

        Cate Blanchett is an Aussie but a lot of those ladies you mentioned are a mixture of countries from the British Isles. Vivien Leigh has some Irish and English and possibly some Parsi. Naomi Watts is half Welsh and half English and Catherine Zeta Jones is half Welsh and half Irish. They are all a mix and I agree they are beautiful.

    • Angantyr says:

      Oh, you are from mini-Ireland. Your bias is showing, even though I agree with about women of Irish descent (Welsh, like Dutch etc. do not look that specially different from English people, though, other than being less ”chavvie”).

  3. Roy says:

    IMDB doesn’t know what the hell its talking about. They say that Val Kilmer is part Mongolian for christ sake. She could have a very distant German and Italian ancestor but both Shipp and Hewitt are as it suggests here, very English names. Plus, she comes from Texas. How many Italians live there?

  4. Rockxxz says:

    It’s know she is half italian, half german, and she looks like.
    She has got the italian skin, and her face looks italian, she looks like Alyssa Milano who is a pure italian. Hewitt, looks german too, she is has that noble things, on her face , like somes germans.

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