James Newman

by follers on July 11, 2014

Birth Name: James Myron Newman

Date of Birth: January 22, 1992

*Ashkenazi Jewish (paternal grandparents and maternal grandmother)
*English, Welsh, Belgian (maternal grandfather)

James Newman is an American actor. He is the son of producer Peter Newman and actress Antonia Dauphin. His brother is actor Griffin Newman.

James’s father is Jewish. James’s maternal grandfather, who was English, was of English, Welsh, and 1/16th Belgian (Flemish), descent. James’s maternal grandmother is of Polish Jewish background.

James’s paternal grandfather is named Leonard Newman.

James’s paternal grandmother is Roslyn Orlofsky (the daughter of Sam Orlofsky and Esther Robinowitz). Esther was the daughter of Shimin Robinowitz and Sarah.

James’s maternal grandfather was Marc Brandel, a novelist (born Marcus Beresford, the son of J.D. Beresford, a writer, who born John Davys Beresford, and of Eveline Beatrice Auford Roskams). Marc was English. J.D., whose father was a clergyman, had English and Welsh ancestry. Eveline’s paternal great-grandfather, Joannus Baptista Roskams, was Belgian (of Flemish descent).

James’s maternal grandmother is Ruda Dauphin, a festival director, also known as Ruda Michelle and Ruda Podemska. Ruda is of Polish Jewish descent. James’s maternal step-grandfather was French actor Claude Dauphin.

Sources: Obituary of James’s paternal grandfather, Leonard Newman – http://query.nytimes.com

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