Jake Steinfeld

"Extract" Los Angeles Premiere - Arrivals

Birth Name: Jeffrey Steinfeld

Place of Birth: Brooklyn, New York City, New York, U.S.

Date of Birth: February 21, 1958

Ethnicity: Ashkenazi Jewish

Jake Steinfeld is an American fitness specialist and entrepreneur in the fitness training industry. He is the son of Joy M. (Duberstein) and Herbert Melvin Steinfeld. He is the uncle of actress, model, and singer Hailee Steinfeld. He is married to Tracey Morrison, with whom he has four children.

Jake’s paternal grandfather was named Samuel “Sam” Steinfeld. Samuel was a Romanian Jewish immigrant.

Jake’s paternal grandmother was Bessie Zelensky (the daughter of Hyman Mendel Zelensky and Sarah Cohen). Bessie was a Russian Jewish immigrant. Hyman was the son of Edel Berel Zelensky and Rachel Leah. Sarah was born in Romania, the daughter of Morris Cohen and Boba Brunstein.

Jake’s maternal grandmother was named Myra.

Source: Genealogy of Jake Steinfeld (focusing on his father’s side) – http://www.geni.com

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  1. Manila says:

    Here’s his birth index, but don’t add this as a source because this link is a search result: https://search.ancestry.com/cgi-bin/sse.dll?db=VSNYBirths&gss=sfs28_ms_r_db&new=1&rank=1&gsfn=Jeffrey&gsfn_x=0&gsln=Steinfeld&gsln_x=0&msbdd=21&msbdd_x=1&msbdm=2&msbdm_x=1&msbdy=1958&msbdy_x=1&msbpn__ftp=New%20York&msbpn__ftp_x=1&MSAV=1&uidh=000

    Hyman’s middle name is Mendel, and was the son of Edel Berel Zelensky and Rachel Leah.

    Sarah Zelensky’ maiden surname is Cohen, and was Romanian Jewish. She was the daughter of Morris Cohen and Boba Brunstein.

  2. Manila says:

    His real name is Jeffrey Steinfeld as indicated on New York birth index.

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