Jada Pinkett Smith

Birth Name: Jada Koren Pinkett

Place of Birth: Baltimore, Maryland, U.S.

Date of Birth: September 18, 1971

*African-American (father)
*African-/Creole-Barbadian, African-/Creole-Jamaican (mother)

Jada Pinkett Smith is an American actress, dancer, singer, songwriter, and businessperson. She is the wife of actor/musician Will Smith, and the mother of actors/musicians Jaden Smith and Willow Smith.

Jada is the daughter of Adrienne Banfield-Jones and Robsol Grant Pinkett. Her father was of African-American descent. Jada’s maternal grandfather was an immigrant from Barbados (of Afro-Barbadian descent), while Jada’s maternal grandmother was the daughter of immigrants from Jamaica, who were of Afro- or Creole-Caribbean descent. Her brother is actor/writer Caleeb Pinkett.

An article in the New York Times Syndicate stated that Jada also has some degree of Portuguese Jewish ancestry. It is not clear if this ancestry has been verified/documented. Many people of Afro-Caribbean descent do have a small amount of Sephardi Jewish ancestry.

Jada’s paternal grandfather was Robsol Grant Pinkett (the son of Maslin Frysinger Pinkett and Martha Josephine Dyer). Robsol was born in Maryland. Maslin was the son of Daniel James Pinkett and Sarah E. Peaker. Martha was the daughter of Eli Dyer and Alverta Hackett.

Jada’s paternal grandmother was Shirley Nancy Crystal Holland (the daughter of James P. Holland and Alice Whitehead). Alice was the daughter of Joe Whitehead and Sallie Watkins.

Jada’s maternal grandfather was Gilbert Leslie Banfield (the son of Gilbert Seward Hinds Banfield and Ella E. Parris). Jada’s grandfather Gilbert and his parents, who were black, were from Saint Michael, Barbados, in the West Indies/Caribbean.

Jada’s maternal grandmother was Marion Eliza Martin (the daughter of Ralph Nunis Martin and Daisy Coster/Costa). Marion was born in Boston, Massachusetts, to emigrants from Jamaica (Saint Ann and Kingston, respectively). Marion, along with her parents, are listed as “Mulatto” on the 1920 U.S. Census. Marion is listed as “Black” on the 1930 U.S. Census.

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  1. Grey I don’t believe you are black if you are claiming Jada has more than 1/8 black. Like I said there are a lot of caribbeans and Americans fairer than Jada who are not mixed i.e Vanessa Williams,

        1. To Fuzzybear:

          I Know But Iana Cole Is Saying That They’re Are A Lot Of Caribbeans and Americans That Are Fairer Than Jada But Not Mixed.

          But I Didnt Know Which Vanessa Williams Iana Cole Was Talking About Which Is Why I Mentioned Vanessa L. Williams. Because Vanessa L. Williams Can’t Prove Her Point As Both Her Parents Are Mixed, So Vanessa L. Williams Would Be Mixed!

          If She Was Talking About Vanessa A. Williams Then Yea She Has A Point!

  2. are you people crazy especially you greg reading your response just makes me feel like you are so ignorant and i can tell your really dark skin and probably everyone in your family which isnt a bad thing but it gives you a narrow view of reality. im brown skin and my daughter is a little lighter then jada. Jada is not that light now if your talking about mariah carey which obviously is mixed w/a blk dad and white mom then thats one thing dont tell you dont know anyone in your life thats light or carmel complextion or maybe you just thought they all were mix. well guess a little over 90% of AA have mixed heritage due to slavery so get over it and deal with it and most just dont know there background

  3. Yolanda how about calling your self black. Jada never said she was mixed its everyone else tryiing to make her something she is not and for the record most black americans are mixed a little because of slavery. sweetie your not desired its just a fact. Mixed or not if you look black in america you are preceived that way no matter how much you protest so for the record my moms white and dads black and guess what i look black my hair looks black and i feel black what ever that is i just so happened to have a white mom so get over your self

  4. I agree “Ian Cole”. So many black folks claim a 1/4 this or that. If you’re 3/4 black, then what prevails? Come on now Jada. My sister is fairer than Jada and makes no such claim and yes, she is quite beautiful. She is a beautiful black woman.

  5. Wow – everyone wants to be mixed. What do a mixed race girl like me call myself if every black american person has only got a drop of white/indian in themn. No offence intended but it never occured to me how desirable I am to AAs. I think I will move to Amercia and bag myself a rap dude (I might be lucky and starr in his video. Its no big deal being mixed race in England because beauties like me are the norm.

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