Isaac Herzog

Place of Birth: Tel Aviv, Israel

Date of Birth: 22 September, 1960

Ethnicity: Ashkenazi Jewish

Isaac Herzog is an Israeli politician. He was chairman of the Labor Party; a member of the Knesset, from 2003 to 2018, and opposition leader from 2013 to 2018.

Isaac is the son of Aura Herzog, a social activist, and Chaim Herzog, a politician, general, lawyer, and diplomat, who served as President of Israel, from 5 May, 1983 to 13 May, 1993. His father was born in Belfast, Ireland, to Ashkenazi Jewish parents from Poland and Latvia, and moved to Israel in 1935. His mother was born in Egypt, also to an Ashkenazi Jewish family.

Isaac is married to Michal, a lawyer, with whom he has three children.

Isaac’s paternal grandfather was Rabbi Yitzhak HaLevi Herzog (the son of Yoel/Joel Leib Gercek/Herzog, Halevi, and of Liba Miriam Cyrowicz). Isaac’s grandfather Itzhak was born in Łomża, Vistula Land, and was the Chief Rabbi of Ireland, from 1919 to 1937. He was a fluent speaker of Irish, and was known as the “Sinn Féin Rabbi.” Yoel was born in Gmina Łomża, Podlachia, Poland, the son of Herszk Naftali Gercek/Herzog, Halevi, and of Sora.

Isaac’s paternal grandmother was Sara/Sarah Hillman (the daughter of Rabbi Shmuel Yitzchak Hillman and Chaya Shaina Pokempner). Sara was born in Latvia. Shmuel was born in Šeduva, Šiauliai County, Lithuania, and was an Orthodox Talmudic scholar, Posek, and rabbi. He served as a Dayan of the London Beth Din. Rabbi Shmuel was the son of Avraham Chaim Hillman and Paya Rivka HaCohen. Chaya was the daughter of Yitzhak Iche Zvi Nafthali Hirsch/Hirshe Pakempner/Pokempner and Leah Brina Marovich Meyerson Scheinker, who was born in Radviliskis, Lithuania.

Isaac’s maternal grandfather was Simcha Ambache/Ambash (the son of Zalman Ambache and Beila Kltatckin). Ambache is an acronym for “I believe in complete faith.” Simcha was born in Jaffa, Israel. Zalman was born in Białystok, Podlaskie Voivodeship, Poland, the son of Nachman Ambache. Beila was born in Vilnius, Lithuania.

Isaac’s maternal grandmother was Leah Steinberg (the daughter of Michel/Michal Yechiel Sechila/Steinberg and Gitel Benett). Leah was born in Israel. Michel was the son of Tsvi Steinberg and Sara Dacha. Gitel was the daughter of Eliyahu Benett.

Source: Genealogy of Isaac Herzog –


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