Hugh O’Brian

Hugh O'Brian

Birth Name: Hugh Charles Krampe

Date of Birth: April 19, 1925

Place of Birth: Rochester, New York

Date of Death: September 5, 2016

Place of Death: Beverly Hills, California, U.S.

*50% German
*25% Ashkenazi Jewish
*25% mix of English and Scottish

Hugh O’Brian was an American actor. He was the son of Edith Lillian (Marks) and Hugh John Krampe, a U.S. Marine Corps officer. His father was of German descent. His maternal grandfather was Ashkenazi Jewish, and his maternal grandmother was of English and Scottish ancestry.

Hugh’s paternal grandparents were Frederick “Fred” A. Krampe (the son of John Krampe and Marie Gerdis) and Wilhelmina “Minnie” C. Oldenburger/Ohlenberger. Frederick and Wilhelmina were German.

Hugh’s maternal grandfather was Leo Marks (the son of Issac Marks and Minnetta Wise). Leo was born in Ohio, to German Jewish parents.

Hugh’s maternal grandmother was Mary Alice Luker (the daughter of John Stuart Luker and Mary Jane Gullett). Hugh’s grandmother Mary Alice had English and Scottish ancestry. John was the son of Charles S. Luker and Alice Carr/Karr. Hugh’s great-grandmother Mary Jane was the daughter of Thomas Gullett and Mary Garrison.

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