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  1. TeddyBearBoy says:

    I wish I could have my own ethnicity on my profile like the celebrities do

  2. acerheat says:

    how do u delete yer account

  3. brendanb says:

    Hello, I’m just curious about the ethicity of teo Canadain Actors whom starred in my fav tv show Aden Young and Luke Kirby… I love Rectify… but there are few facts about The great Aden and the not so bad Luke…Could you dig up something about them? Thanks,

  4. Oaken05 says:

    Curious, was the system previously block to send confirmation of new sign-ups purposefully or by accident? If the latter, how did you guys figure out people were trying to sign-up but couldn’t? Thanks.

    • ethnic says:

      It was a problem with the server. I didnt notice it for a while until someone contacted me through the contact admin tab. new server now so should be all good.


      • Oaken05 says:

        Wow. Thanks for answering. I’d literally been trying to sign up for years, and then I sent you guys a ton of emails over that time checking back in to see if the email address was even live. Sorry if any of them came across as frustrated. I couldn’t tell if you guys were ignoring new sign-ups or what.

  5. neiltennant says:

    people my DNA RESULTS ARE IN

    so im 30 percent eastern european +14,5 Percent ashkenazi jewish

    and what a wonderful fact 1,5 Percent North african

    that does make me an african brother right ???

    • neiltennant says:

      and as an afghan i have also an impressive amount of asian roots !!

      but my teacher lied about ALEXANDER THE GREAT

      that he was in afghanistan
      because i have no GREEK

      sadly im not alexander the greats grandchild

      • jackson9 says:

        That’s interesting, did you take the test with 23andme or a different company? I am a little surprised about 14.5% Ashkenazi Jewish being that most friends I know with a Jewish grandparents came up as more Ashkenazi. thanks for sharing :-)

        • neiltennant says:

          no i made it with other company and paid 22 euros
          no im 14,5 Percent Ashkenazi jewish

          My grandfather and his ethnicity was very obscure.
          obviously he was not full jewish

          im of predominantly Eurasian descent. No surprise.

          There are rumors that he was from odessa and fled that area in 1900+ because of hate

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