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  1. neiltennant says:

    there is a tricky one


    she is here listed as SONIA

    nfortuantely no Pic

    but she looks asian like half chinese
    can you discuss her ?

  2. jackson9 says:

    @ethnic, I am sorry. thanks for unblocking I appreciate. won’t write anything controversial again

  3. bablah says:

    Can anyone find out more about Laura Harris?

    Her imdb says she’s of ”Scottish, Scandinavian and Iberian descent”.

    • madman says:

      For some reason, Google has her listed as the daugther of Fred R. Harris, a former U.S. Senator from Olkahoma. Fred did have a daughter named Laura Harris, but that Laura’s mother was LaDonna (Tabbytite) Harris, who was of Comanche Native American descent. While that’s not an impossibility, I’ve also found a description of Laura in a book about LaDonna: “Laura Harris is the darker-skinned daughter, the one who ‘looks Comanche,’ according to her father.” Pretty much the least fitting description of Laura anyone could come up with.

      So I don’t know if her father is actually named Fred Harris, or if it’s mistake completely. While I had only checked the name, not who Fred actually was, I googled around a bit and found this:

      Though it’s not to much help, only shows that there’s a Fred Harris in Vancouver. And he appears to be a bit older than the presumptive age of Laura’s father, unless there’s a huge gap between the siblings in that family.

  4. Manila says:

    Macedonia has changed its name to North Macedonia. So, kindly replace Macedonia with Macedonia (now North Macedonia) or just simply North Macedonia.

  5. Manila says:

    Emiliano Sala found dead yesterday. He was killed in a plane crash on 21 January. RIP :(

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