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Please leave some suggestions below on how this site could be improved. Any ideas/criticisms are welcome.

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  1. Jadie says:

    Please could you add matt lanter and Jessica lowndes? And Kate bosworth too please x

  2. tina Jones says:

    I don’t mine interracial relationship that are naturally and not forced. black women are hurt when other races have our successful and pretigeous men. The black women history is that of implementing single family homes, always showing us a brides maids and not brides, girls friends w/girls instead of girls. Look at our tv shows, basketball wives w/ no husbands, Real housewives w/ no husbands, singles girl shows any thing to keep us away from beautiful, fabolous black men. When we try to show our men that we are beautiful they take our images away, jada pinkett Hawthorne, american top model was our chance to show our men we are beautiful then they took it over. Why is it that black women are not being loved by their men, by other women are loving them. such as kloe and lamar, kendra, coco & Ice T, all the black women on desperate housewives, private practice, greys all have white men. It’s 2011 and black women and not allowed to be loved by their own men.

  3. Lizzi says:

    Could you add kevin federline as a celebrity?

  4. Ammz says:

    Could you possibly add Courtney Stodden as a celebrity? There’s nothing on her, and I’m actually interested to find out what her background is. (she looks British/German?)

  5. David says:

    Me ? I’m all Irish, but I must tell you this is some ubsurd b*****t. In order to make this ‘site better, my primary complaint is the wholesale assault on the English language.
    Unless otherwise note,the lanuage of the Web is English. There is no African English. There is no Bengali English. Since I live and work in the United States, there is no United Statian English WTF that might be. English can be either casual or formal, but b****t English drives me mad. My Spanish is bad,my French even worse but I an fleunt in profanity.
    However,to the point;I sometimes wonder who my relatives were 2K years ago. Many were Irish, but I have no idea who dropped a few seeds here and there and neither do I care. I just wish some Nigerian would knock on my door with a document written in Arabic,stipulating that my Jewish great uncle 8 times removed has left me $200M, if I can collect it person with an unknown Brazilian cousin, but I must get an order from a Iranian judge which I can present to a Chineese trustee within 90 days.
    Now tell me how the hell this is going to play out. I may have blue eyes,but God knows the rest of the story. By the way- I made at least 9 errors in this posting. Find them. Bye now :)

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