Göran Persson

Birth Name: Hans Göran Persson

Place of Birth: Vingåker, Södermanland, Sweden

Date of Birth: 20 January 1949

Ethnicity: Swedish

Göran Persson is a Swedish politician. He served as the 31st Prime Minister of Sweden, from 2 March, 1996 to 6 October, 2006.

Göran’s father, Tomas Erik Persson, was also born in Vingåker. Göran’s mother, Karin Dagny Maria (Jonsson), was born in Furingstad.

Göran is married to Anitra Linnéa (Bergström) Steen. He was previously married to Gunnel Claesson and Annika Barthine.

Göran’s patrilineal ancestry can be traced back to his fourth great-grandfather, Erik Eriksson.

Göran’s paternal grandfather was Erik Josef Persson (the son of Per Larsson and Anna Eriksdotter). Per was the son of Lars Persson and Anna Andersdotter. Göran’s great-grandmother Anna was the daughter of Erik Eriksson and Brita Maria Jonsdotter.

Göran’s paternal grandmother was Anna Naemi Stjernström (the daughter of Gustaf Fredrik Stjernström and Karolina Olofsdotter). Gustaf was the son of Fabian Stjernström Kniberg and Anna Eriksdotter. Karolina was the daughter of Olof Eriksson and Ingrid Andersdotter.

Göran’s maternal grandfather was Gustaf Adolf Jonsson (the son of Adolf Fredrik Jonsson and Maria Charlotta Öhrvall). Göran’s great-grandfather Adolf was the son of an unknown father and Anna Kristina Jonsdotter. Göran’s great-grandmother Maria Charlotta was the daughter of Johan Johansson Öhrvall and Katarina Charlotta Andersdotter.

Göran’s maternal grandmother was Agnes Maria Svensson (the daughter of Axel Emil Albin Svensson and Hilda Lovisa Kellberg). Axel was the son of Sven Petter Svensson and Matilda Gustava Andersdotter. Hilda was the daughter of Anders Petter Karlsson Kellberg and Anna Gustava Gustafsdotter.

Göran’s matrilineal ancestry can be traced back to his sixth great-grandmother, Ingeborg Olofsdotter (c. 1703 – 27 July 1742, Tjällmo, Motala Municipality, Östergötland County).

Source: Genealogy of Göran Persson – https://www.geni.com

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