Giorgio Napolitano

Place of Birth: Naples, Campania, Kingdom of Italy

Date of Birth: 29 June, 1925

Ethnicity: Italian

Giorgio Napolitano is an Italian politician. He served as the 11th President of Italy, from 15 May, 2006 to 14 January, 2015, among many other duties.

His father, Giovanni Napolitano, was a liberal lawyer. His mother was Carolina Bobbio. His father was Neapolitan. His mother belonged to Piedmontese aristocracy. Bobbio is a place name in North Italy.

He is married to Clio Maria Bittoni, with whom he has two children.

Source: Biography of Giorgio’s father –

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  1. andrew says:

    Make a tag “President of Italy”. There are him, Mattarella and Ciampi in the site.

    His mother belonged to Piedmontese aristocracy and wasn’t Neapolitan.

    “Bobbio” is a place name in North Italy, hence the surname.

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