Garrett Clayton

Place of Birth: Dearborn, Michigan, U.S.

Date of Birth: March 19, 1991

Ethnicity: Lebanese, French-Canadian, English, Scottish, possibly other

Garrett Clayton is an American actor, singer, and dancer.

He has said, “I eat Middle Eastern food all the time. I’m Lebanese.”

Garrett’s paternal grandmother was Sally Ann Arrage (the daughter of Charles Arrage and Genevieve Theresa Serhan). Sally was born in Michigan, and was of Lebanese descent. Genevieve was the daughter of Charles Serhan and Sophie Azoon.

Garrett’s maternal grandfather was Dennis Michael Thrasher (the son of Marwin “Abe” Thrasher and Eleanor J. Deneau). Dennis was born in Amherstburg, Essex, Ontario, Canada. Marwin was the son of Charles Devere Thrasher, who had English and Scottish ancestry, and of Irene Agnes Richard, who was of French-Canadian descent. Eleanor was French-Canadian, and was the daughter of Loftus Deneau and Pearl Margaret Mayville.

Sources: Obituary of Garrett’s maternal grandfather, Dennis Michael Thrasher –

Obituary of Garrett’s maternal great-grandmother, Eleanor J. (Deneau) Thrasher –

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8 Replies to “Garrett Clayton”

  1. The Richard mentioned in Sally’s obituary is his step-grandfather Richard Barnhill. I’m not 100% sure Luther Clayton Jr. is his grandfather, but I’m 99% sure Luther Clayton Sr. is his great-grandfather.

  2. Birth Name: Gary Michael Clayton

    I think he is the son of Ellyn Michelle (Thrasher) Brooks and Gary Michael Clayton.

    It would mean that his maternal grandparents were Dennis Michael Thrasher (the son of Marwin “Abe” Thrasher and Eleanor J. Deneau) and Carol. Eleanor was the daughter of Loftus Deneau and Pearl.

      1. That’s at least the name he’s been officially known as from what I’ve found. And I don’t know who Gary Michael Clayton Sr. could be if not Garrett’s father. But anyway, now it looks like it’s correct after bablah’s findings.

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