François Fillon

Birth Name: François Charles Armand Fillon

Place of Birth: Le Mans, Sarthe, France

Date of Birth: 4 March, 1954

Ethnicity: French, Basque

François Fillon is a French lawyer and politician. He served as the Prime Minister of France, from 17 May, 2007 to 16 May, 2012, among many other duties. He was the nominee of the Republicans in the 2017 French presidential election, and lost in the first round.

François’ father, Michel Gabriel Jean Fillon, is a civil law notary. François’ mother, Anne (Soulet), is a celebrated historian, of Basque descent.

François is married to Penelope Clarke, with whom he has five children.

François’s patrilineal ancestry can be traced back to his eighth great-grandfather, Jan Fillon (c. 1617 – 11 February 1677, Mouchamps, Vendée).

François’s paternal grandfather was Amand Constant Bernard Georges Fillon (the son of Amant Louis Fillon and Zoé Marie Reine Girardeau). François’s grandfather Amand was born in La Flocellière, Vendee, Pays de la Loire. François’s great-grandfather Amant was the son of Pierre Amant Fillon and Marie Julie Guerin. Zoé was the daughter of Pierre Louis Girardeau and Eulalie Lucie Rousselot.

François’s paternal grandmother was Gabrielle Armande Marie Thérèse Drapeau (the daughter of Jean Marie Alexis Drapeau and Marie Louise Henriette Audureau). Gabrielle was born in Les Essarts, Vendee, Pays de la Loire. Jean was the son of Pierre Alexis Drapeau and Marie Rose Gueriteau. François’s great-grandmother Marie Louise Henriette was the daughter of Jacques Isidore Audureau and Jeanne Constante Bretin.

François’s maternal grandfather was Marcel René Soulet (the son of Pierre Soulet and Marie Cador). Pierre was the son of Félix Soulet and Elisabeth Dessoubrais. Marie was the daughter of Elie Julien Cador and Rosalie Marie Bigot.

François’s maternal grandmother was Germaine Céline Marie Loutre (the daughter of Jean Loutre and Marie Louise Émilie Gaudin). Jean was the son of Jean Loutre and Anne Bedecarrats. François’s great-grandmother Marie Louise Émilie was the daughter of Louis Médéric Gaudin and Bérénice Onésime Debraize.

François’s matrilineal ancestry can be traced back to his fourth great-grandmother, Marie Prudence Pélagie Vallens.

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