Francisco Franco

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Birth Name: Francisco Franco Bahamonde

Date of Birth: 4 December, 1892

Place of Birth: Ferrol, Galicia, Spain

Date of Death: 20 November, 1975

Place of Death: Madrid, Spain

Ethnicity: Spanish [Andalusian, Galician], as well as 1/16 Italian

Francisco Franco was a Spanish general. He served as the Caudillo of Spain, from 1 October, 1936 to 20 November, 1975, his death. He was also President of the Government of Spain, from 30 January, 1938 to 8 June, 1973.

Francisco was baptized thirteen days after his birth at the military church of San Francisco, with the baptismal name Francisco Paulino Hermenegildo Teódulo; Francisco for his paternal grandfather, Paulino for his godfather, Hermenegildo for his maternal grandmother and godmother, and Teódulo for the saint day of his birth.

Francisco’s father, Nicolás Franco y Salgado Araújo, belonged to six uninterrupted geneations of the Spanish Navy, and was of Andalusian descent. Francisco’s mother, María del Pilar Bahamonde y Pardo de Andrade, was an upper middle-class Roman Catholic.

Francisco was married to María del Carmen Polo y Martínez-Valdés, 1st Lady of Meirás, Grandee of Spain. The couple had a daughter.

Francisco is sometimes said to have had some degree of Sephardi Jewish ancestry, usually from his mother’s side. It does not appear that any Sephardi Jewish ancestry has actually been verified/documented among Francisco’s antecedents.

Francisco’s patrilineal ancestry can be traced back to his sixth great-grandfather, Juan Franco Reyna.

Francisco’s paternal grandfather was Francisco Franco y Vietti (the son of Nicolás Franco y Sánchez and Josefa de Vietti y Bernabé Roberta y del Busto). Francisco’s grandfather Francisco was born in Ferrol, A Coruña, Galicia. Nicolás was the son of Juan Franco y de Viñas, de Lamadrid y Freyre de Andrade, and of Josefa Sánchez Freyre de Andrade Canales de León y Piñeiro. Francisco’s great-grandmother Josefa was the daughter of Italian nobleman Antonio Vietti (or Antonio de Vietti y Roberta, Conde de Calabiana in Spanish), of Asti, Asti, and of Francisca Bernabé y del Busto.

Francisco’s paternal grandmother was Hermenegilda Salgado-Araújo y Pérez (the daughter of Isidoro Salgado-Araújo y Belorado and Manuela Pérez y Alins). Hermenegilda was born in Ferrol, A Coruña, Galicia. Isidoro was the son of José Salgado-Araújo Paxarín Parada y Pérez and Josefa Belorado Gómez. Manuela was the daughter of Jacinto Pérez Gómez and Antonia Alins y Aragonés del Pino.

Francisco’s maternal grandfather was Ladislás Bahamonde y Ortega (the son of Ramón Bahamonde de Castro and María Josefa Ortega Medina). Ladislás was born in Ferrol, La Coruña. Ramón was the son of Dionisio Bahamonde Taibo and Bernardina de Castro y Montenegro. María Josefa was the daughter of Gregorio Ortega Pérez and María Medina Díez.

Francisco’s maternal grandmother was María del Carmen Pardo de Andrade y Pardo de Andrade (the daughter of Francisco Javier Pardo de Andrade y Coquelin and Luisa Pardo de Andrade y Soto). María del Carmen was born in Ferrol, La Coruña. Francisco’s great-grandfather Francisco was the son of Ramón Pardo de Andrade y Bermúdez de Castro and Margarita Coquelin Robín. Luisa was the daughter of Antonio Pardo de Andrade y del Río and Antonia de Soto Taboada López y Méndez.

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