Eva Marcille

Birth Name: Eva Marcille Pigford

Place of Birth: Los Angeles, California, United States

Date of Birth: October 30, 1984

*Puerto Rican (father)
*African-American (mother)

Eva Marcille is an American actress, television host, and model. Her father, Evan Anthony Pigford, is Puerto Rican. Her mother, Michelle Yvette Smith, is African-American.

Eva was the winner of the third cycle of America’s Next Top Model. She was the first African-American contestant to win the program.

Her middle name, Marcille, is a combination of the names of her grandmothers, Marjorie and Lucille.

Sources: Marriage record of Eva’s parents – https://familysearch.org

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Curious about ethnicity

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  1. neiltennant says:

    her nose, her cheeks, her nose, her smile, her teeth, her gums, everything is perfect

  2. Multiethnicchick says:

    Why does her wikipedia say that both her parents are African American? And how she the first African American we she’s also Puerto Rican. So sick of America’s racism in not recognizing mixed multi-ethnic/multiracial people.

  3. midori29 says:

    @ysla East Africans ARE NOT CAUCASIAN. That was a racist theory that has been disproved years ago. The fossils in Ethiopia are the oldest on earth they have the same bone structure and they came before caucasians.

    • Multiethnicchick says:

      They have Caucasian DNA. And that has been proven. There still East Africans who look West African but there are also the mixed east Africans. All you have to do is look up history. Jewish and Arab people mixed with many east Africans over 1000 years ago.

  4. ysla says:

    in world caucasian is not race because there are black caucasian(like east african people),asian caucasian(indian,pakistanese) and european caucasian but i know in USA this word is use for white people only!!!

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