Dichen Lachman

Place of Birth: Kathmandu, Nepal

Date of Birth: 22 February, 1982

*German (father)
*Tibetan (mother)

Dichen Lachman is an Australian actress and producer.

She has said:

My father’s from Australia and my mother was born in India but she’s actually Tibetan. I was born in Katmandu, lived there until I was eight and then moved to Australia with my mother and father. So yeah, I’m very mixed up, been to many different schools.

Dichen is a Nepalese name.

Dichen is married to Austrian-born actor Maximilian Osinski, with whom she has a daughter.

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Curious about ethnicity

11 Responses

  1. Gurrl says:

    interesting looking face

  2. Anya says:

    If you cover her eyes the rest of her face looks like Martina Navratilova’s!

  3. Cleo says:

    After Dollhouse went off the air, she stopped giving out that her father is German and says he is Australian instead. How can anyone actually be ethnically Australian who isn’t an aborigine!? I find her and Devon Aoki as the most disturbing looking celebs. I don’t get how these women are considered “hot.”

  4. anen says:

    She’s very ugly and her hair is fake too

  5. mm says:

    She’s pretty . . . .

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