Derek Jeter

Birth Name: Derek Sanderson Jeter

Place of Birth: Pequannock Township, New Jersey, U.S.

Date of Birth: June 26, 1974

*African-American, some English, remote Native American (father)
*Irish, some German and English (mother)

Derek Jeter is an American former professional baseball player. A shortstop, he played 20 seasons in Major League Baseball (MLB) for the New York Yankees.

Derek is the son of Dorothy (Connors) and Sanderson Charles Jeter. His father is African-American, and also has some English, and remote Native American, ancestry. Derek’s mother has Irish, and smaller amounts of German and English, ancestry.

Derek is married to model Hannah Jeter (born Hannah Davis), with whom he has a daughter.

A DNA test whose results were displayed on the show Finding Your Roots with Henry Louis Gates, Jr. (2014) stated that Derek’s genetic ancestry is:

*59.4% European
——–*44.4% British & Irish
——–*1.6% French & German
——–*12.2% Nonspecific Northern European
——–*0.2% Nonspecific Southern European
——–*1.0% Nonspecific European
*39.4% Sub-Saharan African
——–*39.2% West African
——–*0.2% Central & South African
*0.5% Native American
*0.3% North African
*0.4% No Match

Derek’s paternal grandmother was Lugenia Jeter (the daughter of Bustee Jeter and Minnie Palmore). Bustee was the son of Green W. Jeter and Jane. Green was a Christian minister. He was the son of a white slave owner and a black slave woman, Charity.

Derek’s maternal grandfather was William Francis Connors (the son of Mary).

Derek’s maternal grandmother was Dorothy Tiedemann (the daughter of Thomas Augustine Tiedemann and Agnes Melvin). Thomas was the son of Michael Patrick Tiedemann and Frances Cecilia Pierce.


Genealogy of Derek Jeter (focusing on his father’s side) –

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Curious about ethnicity

97 Responses

  1. exotiq says:

    Derek Jeter, just as any other racially mixed person who has African ancestry is simply mixed. Period. I’m tired of the One-Drop-Rule nonsense. That so-called rule was abolished a very long time ago and for people to continue to tout it today are simply racist, ignorant and are equally hard-pressed to accept change…change for the better! If people don’t start growing a brain, that stupid mentality will never die and it needs to because it was originally created by racist whites and it seems that many blacks today are the ones who want to keep it alive now. Stop bringing up the past and the Jim Crow days and all of that bullsh*t…Live in the present…not in the past…the past is dead and gone…good riddance!!!

    • fuzzybear says:

      To exotiq

      I know you will most likely get mad at me,but I’ll speak on this anyhow.How is not calling someone black a change for the better?A change for who?How does one word hurt people so much?I understand mixed,and even if I call you black,at the end of the day,your still mixed.Me black calling you black didn’t change that fact.Also if I call you black,I’m not do it to hurt you.It’s just that I recognize,that your part of the same culture I’m from. When a white person has black and Asian blood,but looks like a white person,he’s called white;and no one say anything.However when a black person(excluding you)is mixed with white or whatever,but looks like a black person,and is called black all of a sudden WW3 has been declared.I’ve heard all kinds of things,like(don’t you call me black,I hate when people call me black,and you just want me to deny my white mommy)That last one is my personal favorite.This is an old story,about mixed bloods wanting to separate and be seen as better than their darker brothers.It didn’t work before,and I doubt it works now.The reason I say this is because despite what you believe,it’s not black people holding you back,it white.You say it’s a new day,but there are plenty of white who are very comfortable with yesterday.Now you say the past is dead and gone,but for many parts of this country nothing has change.I give an example,I have a cousin whose bi-cultural,her white side completely disowns her because she’s half black.The grandparent had the mother crying,saying they would never claim that child,and it doesn’t matter that she looks completely white.However on our side of the family,she doesn’t get treated like that.Now you say the past is dead and gone,who are you kidding?

      • Fuzzybear says:

        Meant to say I’m not doing it to hurt you

      • TOTAL23 says:

        Okay What About Vice Versa? I Never Heard People Call Someone Who Is White And Has Black In Them White? That’s New For Me! And To Be Honest Every Example That You Said Fuzz Happens In A Lot Of Ethnic Familie’s (Not All). On They Have A Thread That Allows The Users To Speak About Which Side Of Their Family Do They Have Problems With, Some Say Their White Side, Some Say Their Black Side, Some Even Say None Of Their Sides Give Them Problems. This Really Shows That Their Are Too Many Tension Between Blacks And Whites, And It Needs To Stop, In General!It Kind Of Gets Me Upset That People Are Still Fighting Over Race….I Don’t Know Why I Can’t See The Way You See It, There Has Never Been Racism Around Me Like That (Between Whites And Blacks)….But There Has Been Racism With Blacks And Brown People…But Not Always….It Is Really Hard For Me To Put Myself Into Someone Elses Shoes When Their Experiencing Racism…

        • Fuzzybear says:

          To total

          What are you talking about,you’ve already been told that at least 1/3 of the white population here have black blood at 2-20%;but they’re still called white;and this is not counting children.Example,This woman right here:
          Bliss Broyard

          is she called black,no.does she fell black,no.Does she call herself black,no;but is she part black,yes
          Now from my experience,it tends to be more so the white side doing the rejecting.The black side has always been more quick to except a child like that.Most of the stories I read and heard are also from that point of view.This new thing about the black people acting up is new to me.Granted it usually the older white people,that still trip;younger ones tend to be cooler.Although going by the ones on this site,you would never know it.

          Now your right,there wasn’t always tension between black and brown(sound kinda to me saying black and brown,but whatever).These two groups once got along great.I know you’ve heard of the Black panthers,but have you heard of the Brown Berets?Don’t know what happen with them,maybe Jose La Raza mind set got in the way
          My thing is this,what is this thing about black.Why are people so scare to admit they have it.It’s in their history,in their blood,it even mixed up in their culture;so why lie about it.Also what is this problem with being called it.It’s not a magic barrier,that keeps you from learning or embracing all that you are;it’s a word.The only way it can stop you embracing anything is in your mind.Most of the people I know are black,but is that all they are ,NO.Does their world stop because they get called black,NO;they don’t miss a step.Doesn’t hurt them one bit.So it’s rally hard for me to understand that;and so far no one has giving me a good reason.Also I don’t want to hear,you want me to deny my momma.Does that word make them incapable of loving their parent,No.Does it stop them from learning about their parents family,No. I don’t know maybe I’m a little to much for people,but I’m actually am trying to teach them something.People have been taught that they are 10000% pure,but they are not;they’ve been lied to,but they seem to want the lie.Actually if you knew me,this stuff would never really come up.Also I only really Experience very little racism(very little)

          • total23 says:

            I Know That 1/3 Of The White American Population Has Black Lineage….But What You Said Is That When White People Have Black And Asian In Them Theyre Considered White…And I Said That That Is News To Me Because Based On Articles, People Who Had Black In Them And They Were White Were Not Considered White….For Example Halle Berry’s Daughter, Nahla. She Has A White Father And A Grandmother Who Is White So She Is 75% White (Depending On DNA) Because She Is Moslty White. But People See Her As A Mixed Baby. There Was This Other Guy Who Was White And Had A Black Grandmother; In Virginia his father was considered black, and he and his siblings were considered black despite the fact that they are 75% white (depending on DNA) and there are many others. That’s What I Mean! I Also See Someone Who Is Black But With A White Grandparent Called Black, Yes There Are People Who Would Ask Why This Person Was Light etc…But They Were Still Called Black….Im Just Saying, These Are My Experiences, Your Experiences Are Different So Maybe Your Speaking From Experiences.

            how comes you havent answered my other question on the other celebrities?

          • Fuzzybear says:

            To Total

            What I said was true,you think any of of those Americans,thinks of themselves as black?;they call themselves white.Halle and her child are different,everyone knows them.If I saw Halle’s daughter,I would have thought about the father being white,because I see this all the time.I have a little 2yrs old cousin,that makes halle daughter look black.Both parents are black people(well the mother is light)yet the child is how she is.The grandmother who is my older cousin is very dark(forever making jokes about who is this little white baby on my leg).Also black is more than skin color,it culture.That might be how that family is seen or how they feel.My father probably was 75% white,but if you had called him anything other than a black man,you would have had a fight on your hands;because that’s how he saw himself.I didn’t even know my grandfather was white,because they never talked about him(or I didn’t ask) Walter White of the naacp saw himself as a black man:
            Have to cut this short,basically yes our Experiences are different,also what other celeb?

          • Fuzzybear says:

            To Total

            What I said was true,you think any of of those Americans,thinks of themselves as black?;they call themselves white.Halle and her child are different,everyone knows them.If I saw Halle’s daughter,I would have thought about the father being white,because I see this all the time.I have a little 2yrs old cousin,that makes halle daughter look black.Both parents are black people(well the mother is light)yet the child is how she is.The grandmother who is my older cousin is very dark(forever making jokes about who is this little white baby on my leg).Also black is more than skin color,it culture.That might be how that family is seen or how they feel.My father probably was 75% white,but if you had called him anything other than a black man,you would have had a fight on your hands;because that’s how he saw himself.I didn’t even know my grandfather was white,because they never talked about him(or I didn’t ask) Walter White of the naacp saw himself as a black man:

            Have to cut this short,basically yes our Experiences are different,also what other celeb?

            Something wrong

          • Mixed Girl Who REALLy IS MIXED--Not Just BLACK! says:

            Looks like it boils down to what other people perceive you to be….Even though you may have black ancestry, if you look white, you will be viewed that way….Same as reverse–if you look black, you will be perceived that way.

            What irritates me as a mixed person who has an ambiguous appearance, it becomes interesting once a black person learns that I am part black, they all of a sudden expect me to assimilate to the black culture and when I don’t (because I wasn’t born in the USA, nor was I raised in the black community), they try to accuse me of ‘hating my black side’ or ‘running from my so-called ‘blackness” or that I’m ashamed of being solely black because I don’t want to be known as simply just a black person, when I know and it’s clearly obvious to others that I’m not…. It’s like you can’t please certain black people–as a mixed person, you’re damned if you do claim ‘blackness’ (because some will accuse you of not being ‘black enough’) and you’re damned if you don’t (because then you’re being called a ‘self-hater’)!!!

            This is why I’m proud of my Hispanic/Latin heritage and since that is all I know, I’m content with that and I only associate with people who accept me for me and not what they want for me to be—those I can do without and if it happens to be many blacks, then so be it….I’m not losing any sleep over it…Life is too short and everyone wants to be happy, I’m no different. I don’t need the drama from small-minded individuals.

        • Midnight says:

          Hey, I have and here are their names. Joan Benette. Carly Simon, Carol Channing, and some have even said William H Taft.

    • It is I says:

      To fuzzybear

      Calling a mixed person what you think they look like is still incorrect because they are not one or the other. No, it does not change that person’s ancestry but putting them into a box just based on what you see “because its easier” isn’t very fair to that person. Only a mixed person could truly understand how frustrating it is to have people constantly try to label us just so we can be under their thumbs “because its easier.” No, racism is quite obviously far from over but the only way to progress from the past is to move forward and stop living in the past. Those people can have their intolerant mindset but that does not mean that that girl should disown her white side because it is still half of her. Without her white mother she wouldn’t exist. She could be the the rock that stands between the swirling tides and take a stand and show pride in who she is. We can come far from the past but we have to look forward first.

      To exotiq

      I also grow extremely tired of the one drop rule. But its effects seem to have reversed and its kind of ironic. First whites wanted to bind mixed people to black and nothing else. And when mixed people were allowed to claim their mixed ancestry black people began to try to bind them black and nothing else. Its so ironic. It is the mentality of black supremacy that people dont seem to see. Black is equal to all other races and no one is better or superior to the other. I am Black but I’m also Indian and Japanese and it is not fair to call me what I look like “because its easier.” I dont even see why ethnic background matters, I’m Human. Were all human.

      • fuzzybear says:

        To It is I

        You have me mistaken,I don’t call you black because it’s easier.I would call you because it’s what I see.People don’t walk around with signs saying what they are or what they want to be called.I don’t know if their mixs is FG or from a 100yrs ago.But trust this I would call them what they want to be call,I have no problem with that.Oh BTW you said only a mixed person would understand, well I’m(Creole,afro-latino,2 native tribes,and most likely chinese)and I still don’t see the problem with being called black

        • major says:

          The real problem is,they’re never confused for white.They always see the black part first,and that’s what they can’t stand.They need to cut the crap,if they had a pill that allowed them to change from bi-racial to white they would take it so fast it would make your head spin

          • exotiq says:

            Hmmm….Interesting comment. Judging by that comment, you’re implying that it’s an insult that someone with African ancestry is automatically ashamed to be…Why would you interpret it in that manner? …Are you ashamed to be black yourself??? Why do people like you always seem to think that you’re some specialized detective that can ‘read between the lines’ of what people say? Why is it when someone says they are mixed or biracial or mulatto, etc., you automatically hear the words “I’m not black”???? Is it because you are an African American Supremist who believes that someone with any amount of African ancestry is automatically ‘just black’ PERIOD? Looks like you guys have decided to carry on the torch left from racist whites–So now you’re doing their dirty work for them???? …Why would you do that? Did they promise you something????

            If you are Korean and I called you Chinese…Don’t you think you’d be offended as well? I don’t know about you…but, I know allot of Asians and Latinos that hate to be mislabeled. It’s not about being ashamed of being who you are…Being mixed with African Ancestry is not a reason to be ashamed–certainly not today!!! You seem to think that we’re still living in the times of slavery or Jim Crowe where it was dangerous to admit your African ancestry as a mixed person for fear of ridicule or fear of being lynched….WTF!!!???

            You’ve proved that you yourself believe in racist views and must be a racist with your own skewed, outdated perspective of what you believe to be so, when it’s not—You seem to believe that everyone else is ashamed of having African ancestry….I guess…like yourself?

            Yeah…I’m mixed…Sub-Saharan/European/Eastern Asian….That’s what I AM…not what I WANT TO BE…or What I want YOU TO BELIEVE…there’s no shame in being who I am…

            Bottom line—DNA Doesn’t Lie—So, Why should I ???? …To satisfy ignorant mindsets that can’t move on into the present, out of the past??? …I’m no one’s puppet and I’m not dumb cattle following the herd to slaughter–I have an intelligent mind and I can think for myself.

            …And BTW…most people who meet me for the first time, don’t see African ancestry within me…I look Hispanic and that is how I identify…Why? Cause it’s the truth…not just because I look that way! I have a Latin surname, I was born in a Latin country and raised in a Catholic Latin/Caribbean culture–in America…So, I’m not African American and I will never be! …BUT, I agree that I’m black, white AND Asian….I’m mixed….Nothing more, nothing less…

            Oh…And I’m not interested in calling myself WHITE either!!!! …Cause I’ve heard that enough times too–It’s like if you say you’re not ‘just black’, it must be automatic that you WANT TO BE WHITE!!! lol :) …Why are people so simple that way?!! lol …The world is not black or white, so you guys need to stop thinking in those terms.

            Culturally, I’m an American Hispanic (or Latina) FIRST…then my racial mix is revealed second….That’s the order in the way most people identify themselves–CULTURE FIRST …I’m no different.

            I can’t be any kind of African American when I wasn’t raised in the AA community or culture and I truly resent it when an AA wants to insist that I assimilate to the African American lifestyle once they learn of my racial mix. It’s as if they imply that’s the ONLY WAY TO BE, and that’s how they judge you by teasing you and saying such things as “you’re not black enough” or “you just wanna be white” and other nonsense like that just to try to make you feel inferior….It’s like you feel the pressure to either join them or face ridicule.

            I might have made that mistake when I was younger and unsure of myself, but now that I’m much older, stronger and know who I am, I won’t ever let another racist (white, black or otherwise) allow me to feel inferior ever again! I’m mixed…I’M MIXED…I’m biracial…I’m mulatto….I’m black, white & asian—NOT ‘JUST BLACK”! …You don’t like it? Tough….You don’t live my life and you can never be me!

            African Americans need to be happy and satisfied in being who they are and they need to respect other ‘blacks’ who don’t share their culture….’African American’ is only one type of black culture—there are hundreds of thousands around the world.

          • Midnight says:

            Hey, have you seen Sammy Sosa? There is a pill and no one is taking it. I don’t think Biracials have a problem with being Biraical (Half and Half what ever they may be)but a problem with mono raced Blacks not allowing them to claim their other heritages. (If they are half Black) There is this thing that goes on in some people’s brain that makes them really hostile about this subject. Some people I’ve run into online like to refer to mixed race (Black mixed with other) as house slaves and all kinds of nonsense. What they don’t realize is that a lot of the people of mixed heritage got that way in today’s world and not that way back when slavery exisited. Derick is a great example. His parents were born way after the occurance of slavery yet surprise he’s a mixed race person. I say it like this because they way some people make it sound. There wasn’t any force and hatrid in the production of Derick; just two parents two different races one terrific kid, the end.

        • It is I says:

          I never said there was anything wrong with being called black because I am mixed with black. But if you simply choose to call me that because that’s what you see I will correct you but I would not be offended, it would be silly for me to get offended because it IS part of me.But if people only preferred to call people by what they see this world would be even more shallow than it already is. I will not be offended because many people mistake me for other things as well. It is part of who I am and I love it but it is not all of who I am. After my mother died (she was half Black and half Indian) I was raised mostly by my grandmother (my father’s mother who is Japanese Dominican) and she taught me not to judge a book by its cover and that everything is not as it seems. She taught me that just because I do not look that much like her does not mean that I am not part of her. So I am sorry if my mind is too open to be something other than one race, because I know who I am and I would like to acknowledge that fact. It is obvious to see that race is nothing more than appearance to you. Its not necessarily a bad thing but I believe its far more complicated than that. But I understand what you mean.

          • fuzzybear says:

            To (It is I)

            It’s easy to get the wrong impression about someone,see I would actually never call you black.I mean I don’t walk down street saying(hey black person come here)if I was to call you,it would be by your name.Also to tell the truth,if you ever met me it most likely would never come up;unless you brought it up.Then I would be more interested in if you spoke Japanese,and if you could teach it to me.See the problem I had with your statement was,that being called (Black) binds you,How does it do that?See I’m black,but like I said I’m also((Creole,Afro-Latino,2 native tribes,and most likely Chinese)And I do everything I can to learn and embrace those heritages.You should see my computer,I language sites,pictures etc.I do everything I can to learn about my heritage.I don’t feel bound by anything,and saying I’m black doesn’t stop me.Also no one has every been able to give me a reasonable answer to why it would stop them.I know that every black person I see up here is most likely mixed with something else,but when you call us black,we don’t feel trap(not that I’m saying you feel that way).Now although you may think I have a close mind,I respect what your grandmother taught you.My grandmother hated black,which is why she married a white man on purpose,she wanted no black children(out of 12 kids,she got one),and my other Madea went the other way.Well you did get the wrong impression of me,me calling someone black is not me telling them to forget any other heritage you or they have.That’s something I would tell anyone to do

          • TOTAL23 says:

            I Know What Your Heritage Is, But I Get Confused Because You Are Really Mixed! I Just Don’t Get The Grandparents Thing!

            Did Your White Grandmother Disowned You Or Her Black (Or Mixed With Black) Child? Is She Your Maternal Grandmother? The One That Married Your Afro-Latino Grandfather?

            Wut About Your Fathers Side? Is That The Side That Will Put A Fight If You Say They Are Anything But Black? Or Is It Your Mother Side? Or Is It Both?

            I Know You Have Two Caucasian Grand Parents…I Think? And A Creole Grand Parent? And A Afro-Latino Grandfather? I Am So Confused….Please State Maternal Or Paternal To Identify Which Side They Belong In Your Family…That’s Only If You Want!

      • fuzzybear says:

        To It

        One other thing,how does calling a mixed person black bind them?The way you make it sound,is as if your flying high in the clouds mixed.Next thing you know,someone calls you black you drop to the ground like a stone.You say look to the future, but your stepping on the past.On those people who bled so you could openly say I mixed,don’t call me black am I supposed to forget them?Now again I say calling you some mixed person black doesn’t hurt them,is after part of who they are,whether they like it or not

        • It is I says:

          I have no idea why there is a need for overly creative extremity in this situation. You are being very one sided. Once again I never said there was anything wrong with being called black. In fact, I call myself Black, Indian, and Japanese. It is wrong to tell me that I am black and nothing more just because that’s what you see. The only reason why I am so called “stepping on the past” is because too many people are still stuck there. I never forget where I come from and I know where I am going. Just because black is a part of me does not mean that I will pay the most attention to that just because my distant ancestors were American and Domincan slaves from West Africa who were not allowed to legally call themselves anything other than black because they were half or part black. I only stand on the past because that’s where we still live, refusing to advance to the future. Again I ask,why does a person’s ethnic background matter so much that you have to point it out?
          Don’t let your extreme imagination make you wander from the topic.

          • fuzzybear says:

            To It is I

            Ok maybe I did over dramatized just a little bit,but I was on topic.Now I still don’t see how being called black does all that.I mean from what you said,you might not look that much like your grandma.So how am I to know your Japanese also,unless I come up to you?You said you would correct me,and I would be like cool.I would be a pain to you,because like I said,I would want you to teach Japanese if you spoke it.Now you mention your ancestors,how far off is your African line anyhow(you don’t have to tell me if you don’t want,I’m just curious).Also your ancestors might not have been slaves,there were thousands of free black here,who were never enslaved;that’s something you can check out;if you want. Now you ask(why does a person’s ethnic background matter so much that you have to point it out?)The answer is it does,I lay awake at night thinking about this stuff.However that is what this whole site was about,ethnicity.I’m going to stop here,because as you put it,my extreme imagination was going to wander from the topic again

          • fuzzybear says:

            correction:Meant to say it doesn’t matter,I don’t lay awake

          • fuzzybear says:

            To It is I

            correction:Meant to say it doesn’t matter,I don’t lay awake

    • Midnight says:

      Hey, I guess he got his White mixture as a result of slavery since we are going to the one drop rule which went out with the bath water.

  2. kickup says:

    yes a FIne Black mixed dude…Blk Rules lol

    • exotiq says:

      …”a fine black mixed dude”???? …Make up your mind…Either he’s black or he’s mixed! If you’re going to say that, it could also be said that he is “a fine white mixed dude”! Why wouldn’t you say that he’s “a fine white/black mixed dude”???? …That would be a more accurate description!!!! …Stop acting like everyone who is mixed with African ancestry is just simply black…They are more than just black. You need to go back to school and learn about genetics!!!!

      • fuzzybear says:

        To Exotiq

        See now here it looks like your trying to enforce you will on her.She sees Jeter the way she wants to,and you see him you way.Now I’ve seen black people of almost every color my entire life,and never have I heard or seen one say don’t you call me black.Now I can tell that many of them are of mixed heritage,but not one would get upset if you call them black.There are alot of other things more important to worry about than someone calling a mixed blood black

        • exotiq says:

          LOL…You’re funny! ….Your argument is fine and well…BUT….I bet you’d be quick to jump up and want to argue BIG TIME if they called him simply WHITE!!!! …NO…You’d put your foot down on that though!!! So why does it make it any different if he just called himself BLACK??? …But you’d be perfectly fine with that though, right?! No disputes there! …Double standard BS, if you ask me!!!!

          Besides….I wouldn’t call anyone with mixed ancestry anything other than MIXED OR what THEY WOULD WANT ME TO CALL THEM…..That’s the key…I don’t go around ‘one dropping’ people…just cause I can…. I was raised with manners and to be respectful of others.

  3. ethnic says:

    Cute analogy Chantal

  4. Chantal says:

    The world is a box of crayola! The white crayon doesn’t get used much unless it’s with black paper.

  5. color? says:

    nice looking mixed man

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